It’s time to wrap up another 5×5 clothing challenge (what’s a 5×5??? Check out my original 5×5 post to find out). This one had a clear theme and that was cold. The first fall challenge we did featured me trying desperately to make fall work in 80 degree weather. Here I am a month later, trying desperately to snap a shot without my coat. As you can see, mostly, that happened very briefly and my scarf was never far away. What else stole the show this challenge? My plaid dress from Aventura. It’s not hard to see why with this post last month generating the most traffic to my blog to date. It’s a fun, versatile piece, and the vibrance adds a fun pop of color to any outfit. 

Let’s get down to business with the 5 base pieces

1. Plaid Tunic: c/o Aventura

2. Black Leggings: Asterisk Boutique 

3. Denim Jumpsuit: c/o Mint Julep

4. Grey Dress: c/o Amelia James

5. Blush Top: old, similar

Outerwear and shoes

Grey coat: c/o Aventura

Scarf: old, similar

Booties: c/o Hush Puppies

Knee Boots: c/o Wanted Shoes USA

Day One: Plaid Tunic, Leggings, Knee Boots

*** Fashion tip: These knee high soft shaft Wanted boots can be worn up or down. You can even roll the top down for a slouchy look. I love how versatile they are and the low profile heel gives you a little lift but leaves you the comfort of an almost flat. ***

Day Two: Denim Jumpsuit, Blush Top, Booties

Day Three: Grey Dress, Leggings, Booties

Day Four: Denim Jumpsuit, Plaid Tunic, Booties

Watch: c/o Jord

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Day Five: Grey Dress, Plaid Tunic, Knee Boots

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So, how did this mini capsule do for my lifestyle? Let’s take a look. 

Functionality: This time I actually wore my outfits out and they’re things I would wear on the daily for comfort and style. I know this may come as a surprise but quite often I throw clothes on and snap pictures like I’m playing dress up before I get back in my comfy clothes. Not so for this challenge. These were all very easy to wear items. Especially the jumpsuit from Mint Julep and the super soft Amelia James dress. I love the plaid tunic but that one, I for sure wouldn’t wear if I thought there was any chance of ruining it or messing it up. Not so much of a worry with the other pieces. I love the coat and it’s light but warm, big enough to layer if I need to for colder months. 

Style: Fun and slightly festive. The only thing that really stood out here is it’s getting hard to take photos outside with the sub 40 degree weather. I loved mixing the plaids with my best and the tunic. It definitely gave me a Christmas feel. Every outfit made me feel put together but still mommy friendly. 

Comfort: Nothing is quite as comfy as PJs but this one was close. Every piece was soft and good for chasing after the kids or snuggling up on the couch (am I the only one who feels like hibernating when it starts to get chilly?). 

What Didn’t Work: The only game stopper was the stomach bug or food poisoning or whatever I had going on earlier this week. Good thing we learned from our first 5×5 that we have to take the pictures ahead of time or we’d have missed about 3/5 days. As much as I love spontaneity it just doesn’t work with 4 kids. So, this was a 4 days on (sick break) and then the final day. 

Which 5×5 is your favorite? Forget what they looked like, here ya go: 

Summer 5×5 1: Lots of Pink

Summer 5×5 2: Black and Blue

Summer 5×5 3: Color Me Neutral

Fall 5×5 1: Goodbye Summer

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  1. I really love the idea of this challenge! And your looks are all gorgeous. I love especially the sweater dress and all the plaid in this wardrobe. It’s so perfect for fall!

    Xo, Sara | missesviolet

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