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I’m Jamie, the youngest of five, mother to four, and wife to one (although some aspects of the idea of a sister wife are appealing…I wonder if they do laundry?). Growing up, I was a quiet introvert who much preferred reading to running around outside or going places with lots of people. Not much has changed…oh wait four kids later and I don’t have time to sit still much less concentrate on a whole book (I will get my book club book read sometime in 2017, I swear).

I can be found, running around my house after a crazy three year old, snuggling a sleepy toddler, or feeding two (always) hungry growing girls. In the midst of all that, I have developed a new love for simplicity: whether it comes to decorating the house or dressing myself and the kids. I used to love lots of loud hues but now, I make do with a pop of color and just hope no one wipes their nose on my shirt.

I created Mommy in Flats as a side project to channel my love of fashion and writing but it has become so much more. I love working with small brands to promote their products. My husband, J, IT afficianado and lover of all things fish, takes all my photographs and you can visit his site at www.jfuller.co . Together, we’ve enjoyed taking MiF from a hobby to a flourishing part time job (you can pay me in clothes, thanks!). Thanks for stopping by and check out my pages to see my favorite brands and check out my series on PPD.

About the Photographer: Jonathan is a long time camera lover. Over the years he has transformed his love of photography into a beautiful side job. Though his career is in sales, he takes professional level photographs for the blog and does everything from pregnancy shoots to birth announcements to senior portraits and everything in between. His real passion is capturing our every day life and you can see that shine through the pictures we share here. Want to see more? Head over to his site www.jfuller.co and enjoy. Prospective clients, when you collaborate with us not only do you receive years of experience in shooting and photo editing, but you get a full resolution password protected downloadable gallery.

Have a question or want to collab? I’d love to chat!

Contact me at: [email protected]

Disclosure: Often brands send us products to review or test and we love to share those with you. These are always marked “c/o” (care/of) or “gifted” to indicate that we were sent the product as part of a collaboration or sometimes as a gift to thank us for posting pictures and sharing products we already purchased ourselves. All opinions are our own. If you ever have any questions feel free to shoot me an email, I’d love to chat.

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