Thank you to Synergy Clothing and Simple Shoes for providing the items featured in this post and for your responsibility toward our Earth and our people. See below for more information on how these brands are making our world better with ethical manufacturing processes and material sourcing.

Let’s be honest, life is anything but simple. Especially life raising four homeschooling kids. Just because life is complicated, doesn’t mean our clothing has to be. I love choosing brands that are ethical, sustainable, and fair. Good fashion is the icing on the cake. I find that brands that follow responsible sourcing tend to also be concerned about quality. When you know your seamstresses, you can ensure each piece is up to high standards.

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Here are some things to consider when filling your closet.

Simple Shoes SLO in black and natural.

  • 1. Sustainability. Sustainable brands use recycled and renewable sources. Things to look for: natural fibers (cotton or wool), recycled fabrics, natural materials. Organically grown cotton products are a plus.
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  • 2. Ecology. Brands are getting wind that it’s important to consumers that they lower their carbon footprint. Eco conscious companies strive to use less water and lower emissions.
  • Naot footwear is a brand with a cause. They care about using their platform to give back. Shopping brands with charity is another way to clean up your closet. Featured: Love Booties.
  • 3. Fair Labor. When you put on a pair of jeans you don’t want to worry that they were produced with child labor. Fair trade certified companies guarantee that the laborer who created your garment was treated fairly in both wages and working environment. This is the single most important factor for me. As a mom especially I am horrified at the idea of child or forced labor, poor working conditions, and less than livable wages. That’s why I look for brands who care about fair labor practices.
  • FYI these are not functioning train tracks. Always be safe and aware of your surrounding when taking photos.

    When you’re thinking quality eco conscious brands, you’re also probably thinking $$$. While some sustainable brands (especially those manufactured in the US where costs are higher) also have higher price tags, it’s possible to stay on budget by investing in quality pieces that you don’t have to rebuy every season. I’m more likely to buy high quality jackets, jeans, and shoes than put my money in tees (though I do have a few higher end tees and I can definitely tell the difference). High quality doesn’t always mean outrageous prices though. Take Simple Shoes, their classic style comes in well under $100 retail and even less on sale styles. They are committed to using sustainable and recycled materials.

    Synergy Clothing is one of my favorite affordable sustainable brands. Not only do they use organic cotton to make many of their pieces but they also use polyester made from recycled water bottles. Though fair labor was always important to Synergy Clothing, as of the spring collection, they are completely fair trade certified. That means every worker behind Synergy Clothing is paid a living wage in a safe environment. Right now, sale items are available at amazing price points with additional codes providing additional percentages off. I suggest giving them a follow on Instagram so you don’t miss sales or new products.

    Simple Shoes SLO in black and natural.

    Here are a few other brands with eco goals and fair practices:

    Aventura clothing uses organic and recycled fabrics, natural fibers, and sources fair trade when possible (shop off season for amazing steals).

    Jambu offers vegan options and offers many water proof styles perfect for living life outside. Here’s a sneak peek at their spring line, shown Capri in black. Use code MOMMYFLATS20 for 20% off your entire purchase.

    Jambu footwear offers many vegan styles for the animal lovers (full priced shoes are still lower than some brands sales and they’re made for adventures, perfect for every season).

    Wear Pact aims to lower its carbon footprint by lowering water usage and sourcing fair trade (reasonably priced loungewear, look for sales and discount codes for even better prices).

    Keep it simple and buy from brands who care about people, the planet, and good fashion. Shown here: Simple Shoes SLO in natural.

    However you shop, it doesn’t hurt to stop and think about the people behind the product. I feel better when I trust the brands I wear and represent. Good fashion, starts with good people.