Thank you to CRZ Yoga for providing the activewear for this post. All opinions are my own including that you must get yourself a pair of their buttery soft leggings, no matter which style you prefer. Find them on Amazon and don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram for all the newest styles.

I know this sounds like a no brainer but you’d be surprised by the different kind of leggings there are out there. You have spandex or cotton, thin or thick, compression or not. Choosing the right type of leggings can make or break your workout (no one wants a saggy bum 15 minutes into her run).

First of all, let me explain the main types of leggings. There are lounge pants: mainly cotton or very light cotton blend materials. You can use these to workout but be prepared for a little slippage or peep show. Mostly cotton leggings will stretch (it’s what cotton does) and you will spend your entire workout pulling them back up your thighs or waist. Thin cotton blends may stay up for your workout but they will likely not give adequate coverage (think underwear lines or even the dreaded cameltoe).

From left to right: Naked Feel Camo Leggings, Hugged Feeling Compression Leggings, Naked Feel Detail Leggings

End story: Cotton is good for lounge bad for the gym. Stretchy leggings generally come in two varieties: light coverage or compressive. They are both good for working out, however, each one is more suited for different activities. Read on to find out which is right for your workout.

  • 1. Low impact/Yoga. A barely there tight is perfect for stretching, weight lifting, and other low impact workouts. My pick: CRZ Yoga Naked Feeling Leggings. I also love details on my leggings like these styles.
  • Slip ons: c/o Comfortiva Shoes, check out their spring line here

  • 2. Cardio/HIIT. For intense activity, it is really important that you find a legging that stays up on the thighs and does not roll at the belly. Your best bet is to look for a legging with compression. Compression leggings hug your body and stay in place from the first burpee to the last half tuck jump. My pick: CRZ Yoga Hugged Feeling Leggings
  • 3. Cold weather workouts. From hiking to running down your street, warmth is key when choosing legwear. There are two options for this one. If you’re doing high intensity movement (like running) and tend to sweat, you could choose a compression legging. However, for most cold weather activities, I find a fleece lined leggings key to keeping me warm but not too hot. Fleece lined leggings are also good for activities like shoveling snow, walks and hikes, and winter sports (skiing and snow tubing). My pick: CRZ Yoga Thermal Fleece Lined Leggings
  • Bonus for cold weather workouts, grab this CRZ Yoga reversible jacket– great for workouts, hikes and school pick up!

    Jacket: c/o CRZ Yoga, reversible workout jacket

  • 4. Running errands/lounging/date day. Leggings are definitely pants (in fact when I first began this blog I did a whole series on it!). And, yes, they’re even acceptable for dates! This category is all about you. What are you most comfortable in? Personally, I love adding a little variety to my day with a pair of detail leggings or the comfort of a barely there naked legging. However, a date with the hubby calls for something a little more defined, which is why nothing beats a good pair of compression leggings. My lounge pick: CRZ Yoga Naked Feel Leggings My date pick: CRZ Yoga Hugged feeling leggings
  • Sneakers: c/o Time Slippers

    No matter where your day and workout takes me, there is the perfect legging out there for you if you just take a minute to look. Avoid tugging at your waist during your hiit workout or freezing on your mountain hike by choosing the perfect legging for your day.

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