Thank you to Aventura Clothing for sending the little black dress featured in this post and to all of the other brands who have helped me accessorize. Gifted items are disclosed through the tag “c/o.” Although I often wear (and rewear time and again) gifted pieces, all thoughts and opinions are always my own! Enjoy!

Everyone needs an LBD (that’s little black dress for those of you not in the know;). But, not everyone has somewhere to wear it, unless you get a LBD that’s perfect for everyday. And, when you wear it everyday you need to know how to style it to keep it interesting every day and everyday.

That’s why I took Aventura’s Globetrotter dress and added my own touches to take it though all the spring days. (I know right now, it doesn’t feel like a very dress-y occasion but if I could give you one tip, it would be to get dressed every day and see how that makes you feel.)

Date day. It’s still a bit chilly here so I layered this look with the cutest tights c/o Sheertex. They have the sweetest polka dots.

Then, I added a contrasting sneak to give it a youthful vibe c/o simple shoes. Threw on some of my fave easy jewelry to finish it off.

At the office. A pair of classy pumps (c/o Lifestride) and a cozy blazer make this look office chic.

I’m still loving those tights. I’m just wishing I could take them for a spin more often right now. But, my husband appreciates them whether they make it out of the house or not and their rip proof design makes them perfect for a mom of four. I have several pairs c/o Sheertex and I’ve snagged each and every one without getting so much as a single run.

Cozy casual. Bare legs make me shiver (how can it be colder now than it was a few weeks ago?), but this look may have been my fave. Layering this comfy dress with an oversized cardigan, ticked all the boxes. I finished it off with snakeskin mules c/o Rockport. You can’t beat that comfort and style!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your own LBD:

Make sure it’s wearable. A sequined mini might be cute for NYE but can you wear it everyday? Not likely. Make sure the fabric is comfortable and breathable so you’ll actually want to wear it.

Choose something that fits your lifestyle. If you work in a business environment, a simple sheath dress might make sense for the office. But, if your workplace is a little more casual (like the four walls of your home), it might make more sense to choose a cotton stretch material with a simple design.

Pick something flattering for your shape. Every person is built differently. Choose something that is the right length, style, and shape for your body type. Loose and flowy may be your cup of tea but it could make some gals look like they’re wearing a potato sack. I really love Aventura’s globetrotter dress because it’s just the right combination of loose and comfy but fitted to flatter my figure and the length is just right too!

Happy hunting you all and I hope I inspired you to choose a classic piece and spice it up with items you already have in your own wardrobe.