Thank you to Aventura Clothing for providing the pieces featured in this post.

Transitional clothing might be my very favorite. I love the breezy days and warm comfy feels. And, there is nothing that keeps your cozier than soft, warm clothes. The most important way to take your summer tanks into the next season, is to add layers. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from Aventura Clothing’s fall collection.

Featuring the Rhonna Cardigan and the Laura Henley

  • 1. The cardigan. Cardigans are my favorite way to layer for every situation. They’re good all year round- keeping you warm in the chilly months or keeping you comfy in the AC induced chill of summer. My favorite way to wear one right now is in a slouchy knit (a lot of styles cater to the boyfriend fit, however you can achieve it by sizing up as I did in the Lennon cardi). My Aventura Picks: Rhonna Cardigan, Lennon Cardigan
  • 2. The Henley. Dressing for fall is all about the layers, so don’t forget to stock up on the base. I like the Henley (which made a hard come back last year but really has not gone out of style). I love the light weight options from Aventura. My Aventura Picks: the Laura Henley, the Ayla Top
  • Featured: the Jelani Scarf

  • 3. The scarf. If you’re feeling chilly, nothing is going to add warmth as quickly as a nice scarf. I love the length and width of Aventura’s scarves and scrawls this season. Have you heard of a scrawl? I hadn’t either. It’s a scarf shawl hybrid. It has the weight of a scarf but the size of a shawl and it’s nothing short of perfection. I wore mine all day today and I’m constantly swapping between these two this fall. My Aventura Picks: the Highland Scrawl, Jelani Scarf
  • Featured: Samara Poncho

    Bonus: The Poncho. I had to throw this one in as a bonus because it’s kind of in the scarf category but more. It’s a fun way to stay warm by the campfire and is a little thicker than a scarf without the heft of a cardigan. I love the versatility. You can throw it over a long sleeved shirt or keep it cool over a short sleeved tee. For extra warmth wrap it up with cozy scrawl. My Aventura Pick: Samara Poncho

    Another of my favorites, this lightweight jacket is keeping me toasty on windy days in the valley. Featured: the Torrin Jacket

    These may be my favorite ways to wear fall this year, but no matter how you dress it, this time of year is pumpkintastic. Why not make it a little better with some ecoconscious fashion to stretch your wardrobe that much farther?

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