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I just wrote out this whole post. I mean whole 10 paragraphs worth (okay maybe not 10 but it was more than two anyway). And, then WordPress ate it. And that just about sums up my life lately. If I spent a lot of time and effort on it, it’s probably going to be for naught. Like the half hour or so I spent cleaning up an unknown source of cat pee the other day. I have no idea what actually smelled or where the cat actually peed but I spent a good half an hour scrubbing the laundry room anyway. Afterwards, the smell was gone but the house seemed not a bit cleaner than before I started the entire endeavor.

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So, I begin again. I’ll skip the part where I waxed on about how I always start my blog posts with “it’s been a while” and skip to the part where I talk about life, love, and everything in between. Well, I may not tell you quite everything but the long and short anyway.

Outfit c/o Ellie Activewear

After a year of ups and downs, I am finally back into my normal workouts. Between my sprain, surgery, and a whole lot of rehab, my work out life took a huge hit. Lucky for me, my husband bought me a peloton for Christmas last year and I got right back on that horse, er bike, and got moving. I’m now back at my beachbody workouts with little discomfort as long as I focus on a lot of stretching and keep the impact moderate. Mostly, I’m biking and lifting with a lot of yoga every day. I’m also still on my supplement journey with Stefanie of Natural Paleo Family. I’ve completed a couple more phases and need to give you an update on all that. Overall though, I feel pretty darn good.

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I’m feeling better and so piling more on my plate than any one human could possibly accomplish in a day. Naturally I don’t and am habitually behind on it all (like this blog). I usually say Fall and Spring are the busy times for fashion “influencing” but these days it seems I find enough to fill the in betweens that it never does seem to slow down. So here I am never really caught up. But, what do you do when you’re caught up anyway? So, here I stay busy but happily so! And, blessed to be able to choose the brands I work with- just today I met a local entrepreneur and fashion designer of Virginia Dare Dress Co for the most fabulous photo shoot in one of my favorite places: an antique store (Marshall Currated). I love being able to focus on small business, slow fashion, and quality over quantity. For an opportunity to win your own dress from Virginia Dare Dress Co head over to the gram and comment on this post.

We had a great Halloween with a Harry Potter themed photo shoot inspired by our little Potterhead, A. She even made crocheted costumes for our dogs. It’s been so much fun sharing and learning to crochet together and she has become quite the little creator, selling things at our local Emporium (where we have a booth but that’s a topic for another day). She also volunteers at the local library and everyone there loves her almost as much as we do.

Our other girl spent the last couple years wishing for wheelies. I finally caved and got some for her birthday. Fast forward a few months and she’s in a full arm cast. Please join us in praying it has healed correctly and she doesn’t need surgery (which has been tossed around a few times much to my chagrin). But, this girl is no stranger to wrist fractures. When I first started this blog, with a newborn in my arms, both girls were in casts thanks to two separate fluke falls a couple weeks apart. It was an interesting (read traumatic) time.

On to the boys, they’re now eight and six and full of more energy than I can ever hope to have. They’re both officially school age and I spend most days leveraging screen time for good behavior and homework. Our house is never dull anyway. Speaking of crazy…

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That brings me to my last update: animals. It’s been a while and we now have four dogs. Whenever anyone hears we have four dogs, three cats, and four children (who we homeschool), they start looking at us a little funny. I think they’re wondering if we’re completely sane. Jokes on them since I’m not sure we ever were. But here we are, our hands, hearts, and house full. I’ll end this post with a little introduction to our four furry friends.

Scooby, dog number one: Yorkie with a little bit of poo(dle) in him. Acquired whilst in the throes of mourning our sweet angel baby. Lots of personality. Will bite if provoked or you try to take his bone that he’s looking at but never actually chewing. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love but has a very short attention span. Very loyal, loves his mama.

Lady, dog number two: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- try saying that one three times fast. She has a tiny bit of Yorkie in her but you can’t tell. Acquired to be a companion for Scooby. The ultimate lap dog, she’s everyone’s favorite. She was born with a lucky tail because there wasn’t enough room for her and her siblings in the belly. Her favorite place is wherever the people are especially mama.

Duchess, dog number 3: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel full stop. Acquired when after a few too many cocktails I jokingly said to J “we should get another dog.” He doesn’t play. She’s a little Scooby and a lot Lady. She love snuggles and is mama’s shadow. She growls if you try to move her from the lap. But, she’s more growl than bite and she’s just really learning how to yap- mostly at the neighbor’s dogs (Sorry!).

Rocket Rover 42, dog number finale (don’t laugh I mean it): Miniature Dachsund but seriously trying to eat his way out of the prefix. Acquired on my birthday during a temporary lapse of sanity but also as a fast friend for Duchess. Has a huge personality. Loves treats, hates strangers. We took him to puppy school, he bit the trainer on the first day. He likes his space but also loves his people. Thinks he’s the other D dog: Doberman.

About as good a picture as you can get of four baby dogs at once!

Until next time, I hope your day is full of puppy snuggles and the net doesn’t eat your last thought like it ate mine. I’m off,