Last week, I shared our mini blogger Christmas with you and told you that our goal this year was unplug as a family and get outside more. We started with ride on options for the 2-6 age range. But, my sweet oldest girl is getting a little big (mostly tall) for the traditional powered vehicle so I was looking for something a little different. That’s exactly what I found in Rollplay’s 24 volt Turnado racer

The Turnado features 12 mph adjustable speed, a low to the ground gokart like ride, and a back drift that allows for fast turns and crazy spins. By the end of the day, even my husband wanted his turn (no pun intended;). This one is best played in a long driveway or lazy cul de sac due to its speed. We had no problems finding somewhere quiet to play with plenty of room for spins. 

The Run Down on the Rollplay Turnado

Specs: 24 volt rechargeable battery, adjustable dial for speeds up to 12 mph, and low traction back wheels allow for crazy turns. Snazzy design in black and red with no stickers to attach. 

Assembly: Came preassembled except for the steering column. Required little assembly time. Prepare to throw this one right under the Christmas tree (and yes it will fit). 

Thrill factor: High. My nine year old jumped right on but quickly found that this petite ride is a lot to handle. We throttled the speed back and let her practice her wheelies at a tamer level before opening it up for higher speeds. 

Jealousy factor: High. My husband and younger daughter are both ready to grab a helmet and jump on. In fact I think the grown up may be secretly hoping for one of his own. Though this toy is made for kids, it can accommodate weights up to 150 pounds and has an adjustable seat for longer legs. I’m not saying it’s made for adults but I’m thinking quite a few might want a turn. 

Satisfaction Rating: 100%. No complaints (except maybe from the peanut gallery who wish they got one too). From the easy assembly and eye catching design to the smooth thrilling ride, the Turnado crushes every box on a ride on toy wish list. It also provides an affordable alternative for the popular hoverboard this year. This toy requires little learning curve and low risk of injury with the seatbelt and other safety measures (it does require a helmet at all times). 

If you’re looking for a show stopping option for your little this Christmas, Rollplay has got you covered with the Turnado. All the thrills of a storm without the spills! 

Turnado: c/o Rollplay


  1. Oh my goodness that roll play tornado is amazing!!! Oh my goodness my kiddo would love that. And I’m like certain so would my big kid hubby although he is significany over the weight allowance! Very cool.

  2. Wow I like the sound of this! My two adventurous boys are already eyeing dirt bikes and motorcycles and things. This sounds like a safer option!

    1. Right??? I love that it’s low to the ground and on 4 wheels. But, it goes fast so it’s got the thrill factor!!

    1. This one says 8+ but Rollplay makes sooo many great Ride Ons. We have one from their site for my 18 month old. My 6 year old does pretty well on this one too!

  3. This looks like such a fun toy! Man your kiddos are lucky to have all these cool gadgets! I need something like this for my wild almost 2 year old, he’s obsessed with anything with wheels.

    1. I’m reliving my childhood through them! I always wanted all the crazy toys haha. But my mom didn’t have a blog and they sent 5 kids to college- I’m not even dreaming of that these days! So, powered toys it is!

  4. Ohhh I wish that for myself!! That racer car look so
    much fun! Your daughter must enjoy it a lot just look how she smiles!

  5. This ride on toy looks so much fun! It is great that it is a battery charged ride on toy for bigger kids. I love the adorable pictures of putting Turnado to good use!

  6. These are amazing and on my Christmas list, too! Friends had a pair and my kids were bonkos over them. I love the excitement they provide!

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