Jacket: c/o Thacker NYC; Skirt: c/o Amelia James; Wedges: Rockport; Clutch: c/o Rebekah Scott Designs

Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite days of the year. I like that it doesn’t involve a ton of materialism (sure there’s chocolates and flowers but you can choose to ignore those and we do- at least the flowers- I never say no to chocolate). We celebrate together as a family. Dates aren’t for Valentine’s Day opposed to popular belief- At least not in our house. Instead, we have a family party with traditional fondu and valentines exchanged.

Ride Ons c/o Kid Trax (see my original write up on these fabulous toys here– four months later and we’re still enjoying them just as much!)

Like many things this year, I just haven’t been able to get into the spirit. One might think it’s because of the grey weather, I tend to suppose it’s the exhaustion of raising a rambunctious three year old boy. Whatever the reason, getting dressed up and decorating with the kiddos helped push me into the loving feelings.

Is anyone else struggling with the winter blahs this year. I just can’t shake this feeling. As with most things in life, it’s not how you feel but what you choose. And, I’m choosing to cut out hearts with my babes and dance in fabulous shoes.


    1. Yeeees the winter blues are real! I feel like it’s all downhill sailing from february on though so fingers crossed it’s soon to abate!

  1. We don’t do much for Valentines day. It has never a day I enjoy. Hubby did get me a card and a box of kitkats. I hope for flowers thought latter, it’s usually the one day of the year I can count on flowers (i only get them 2 or 3 times a year from hubs). I love flowers, so I like that. Other than that, I made hubbys fav. dessert this morning after he left for work, and a crock pot dinner. Things we do anyway, we just end up doing a couple of them all in the same day, this time of year.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! We will be doing the same celebrating with the kids shortly instead of date night. I have to say though, I’m the opposite, I favor the flowers and skip the chocolates 🙂

    1. Ah chocolate is life. Flowers are beautiful too though! I just always hate throwing them away when they die ?

  3. I love the Valentine’s decor on the kid’s cars. So cute! Winter seems to be extra long this year! We are kind of struggling over here too.

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    1. Yes! Family holidays are just so much fun and it will not be forever. So I’m taking advantage while I can!

  4. Ahh love this. This morning the birds were singing as the sun shone and it felt like spring.. valentines day marks the start of everything getting better for us too. I cant wait

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