My car buying outfit (no we didn’t stop for a beer but we probably could have used one!):

Jacket: c/o Thacker NYC (stay tuned for more from this brand- I’m excited to share with you the quality and design they offer); Dress: old (similar); Booties: c/o Rockport; Bag: c/o Thacker NYC

Sometimes blessings don’t bring happiness wrapped up with a joy filled bow. They don’t always come with warm feelings and a side of laughter. Sometimes, blessings come in the form of spilt milk or in our case, a sputtering engine on Main Street and cruising perfectly into a parallel parking spot.

We were four hours away from home and our car was dead. We’re not talking battery dead or run out of gas dead. It was honest to goodness can’t move an inch dead. So why was this a blessing on our supposed to be bulletproof Honda Odyssey minivan? Well, for one, a couple hours later we would have been on a major highway with limited pull off area. Two, we were visiting family and my fabulous sister and brother in law were there to help us. Added bonus? Extra play time with cousins.

There are so many ways this could have happened in a more dangerous or difficult way. Luckily, we knew the van wasn’t going to last for long (even though it only had 150k miles and should have given us quite a few miles more it had not been a reliable vehicle- this wasn’t the first trip to the side of the road by far) and were financially (and mentally) prepared to replace it. If it had happened at home, we may not have had someone nearby to tote around our little family. If it had happened on the turnpike, we may have been in a dangerous situation on a narrow shoulder or worse, an accident.

Sometimes, blessings don’t come in the form of answered prayers. Sometimes, they are an unexpected disaster. And, all you can do is take a deep breath, say a quick prayer, and call the towing company.


  1. I appreciate the truth and positivity of this post. Being grateful and finding the silver linings in situations can turn any experience into a better one. It is a skill that we all need to improve!

    1. Yes and it’s not something I always excel at. Being prepared for this possible outcome (ish) helped a lot. The unexpected isn’t always so well received in my house!!

    1. Thank you! Yes- they turned out the way they were supposed to. It wasn’t fun but that’s life and you can either whine about it (I still do often) or just keep on keeping on!

  2. Spot on. We are always so quick to focus on the bad, that we don’t pause to think about any good that could come out of it!

    1. Haha thank you! It’s good to look in your closet first- sometimes you’re surprised what you find!

  3. Oh my goodness. What an un-fun thing but with the most perfect timing. You are so right; that would have been terrible to happen on the busy highway! Also I LOVE that jacket! It looks great with the dress and looks really versatile for other outfits as well!

  4. Cute as always, Jamie! And I like to call these types of blessings Tender Mercies. It’s those times when God steps in and gives us what appears to be lemons when in reality it’s lemonade. Glad you have the car situation figured out!

    Thanks for being a part of #WednesdaysWisdom!

  5. So happy you both were safe when your car broke down. Very good of you to change a negative situation into a positive one. We need more positivity in the world right now.

  6. You’re so right. Sometimes blessings are just things that keep us from drowning rather than things that make our life amazing. Thank goodness for towing companies. (And I love the black tights with black shoes!)

  7. What an “adventure”! But at least you looked fab with that amazing jacket + bag?! Seriously love them!

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