Dress: old (similar use code mommyinflats20 for 20% off); Cardigan: Asterisk Boutique; Jeans: Silver Jean Co (similar); Grey Sneakers: c/o Bearpaw (snug fit, you may consider sizing up 1/2 size); Faux fur boots: c/o Bearpaw (If you’re between sizes, size down as these boots stretch) Use the code BPAMBJF for 20% off your purchase from www.bearpaw.com

How the heck do you plan and capsule when the weather is 78 one day and 38 the next? You let it flow, that’s how. I’ve been struggling with my capsule plan. The thing is, I don’t like winter and as such do not own enough warm clothing other than sweats and leggings. While I could live in those every single day, it’s not all that fashion forward of me and it doesn’t make me feel put together or confident.

Here’s what I’m running into. I picked these items for my capsule but, some of them don’t work for whatever reason (fit, style, warmth) and I end up going to my larger closet. By the end of the month, I have a feeling my clothing rack is going to look a lot different than it did at the beginning. But, I’m working on being more open to change- from plans to wardrobe. That’s what the mom capsule is all about, flexibility.

Above you see two outfits- in mostly capsule colors (I pulled in the red cardi early on because how could I not wear it for love month??) but the cardi and dress were not in my original lineup (nor were the jeans but they’re my favorite so I don’t know how that even happened). I have worn that sweater a number of times already. And, a tee dress is essential for layering in the winter. Next week, I’m going to give you an update on what my pieces are looking like now and how much wear I’ve gotten out of them (I’ll be honest, there have been quite a few sweats and tee days here).

The most important thing about any sort of wardrobe plan is to stay comfortable. If you’re not comfortable why would you want to wear it? I’m still making mistakes and feeling the weight of winter on me but I’m trying to learn from my fashion faux pas and move on. The goal is to continue on with only things I love. Thank goodness for shoes because those never let me down no matter how much of a fashion rut I’m in. Whether it’s 38 or 78, Bearpaw has my feet covered in cozy comfy style.

Anyone else struggling to find your style? Feeling the winter blahs or loving the layers? I think I’m feeling a little of both but learning more about what makes me comfortable is making me a little less blue and a lot more grey (because that’s my capsule color;).


  1. I find the same struggle with maintaining a capsule I love, especially with the weather being all over the place. One day, it’s super hot and the other day it is freezing. Layering, flexibility, comfort are the keys! Love your looks!

  2. That striped dress is so cute! Plus, you could wear leggings and add a long cardigan to use it in the Fall!

  3. Okay that dress with the tennis are so cute together. Also your hair looks amazing! It looks lighter and I love the texture of it! The cardi is also super cute and looks so warm. I commend you for doing this capsule wardrobe! Can’t wait to see what you end up with!


    1. Awww thank you girl! It’s really turned into less of a capsule and more of a wear whatever I feel like but ?‍♀️

  4. Oh I love that dress your wearing. I feel the same I seems have a hard time finding my style . Those outfits you have are so cute .

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