Transitional Tote/Backpack: c/o Diamond Brand Gear

My weekend may have ended in a bit of car-tastrophe but preparing for it was a breeze. When you’re only working with a set number of pieces in your wardrobe, it’s not hard to figure out what to bring on a quick trip. This is especially helpful when you have four kids because who has time to pack for mom when there’s kids to plan for? Life was kind of crazy at the time and I really didn’t have the energy to prepare for the last minute trip. I did all my packing the night before. That’s right, for all of us.

Here are my tips on traveling with a crowd and a capsule.

Before you start, choose your bag based on the length of your trip. A quick trip calls for an oversized tote vs a full suitcase. Picking a bag appropriate for the length of the trip is key to packing efficiently. Luckily, my new Diamond Brand Gear tote arrived just in time for our trip. I decided to put it to work packing for not one, but two boys. It fit everything they needed for the weekend away (3-4 outfits in case of accidents, bottle and sippy cup, and 2 pairs of PJs each) with room to spare. As an added bonus, it matches perfectly with my own olive green overnight bag and my tan suede everyday bag. I love coordinating pieces that aren’t too matchy matchy. It makes my OCD heart happy. Plus, I love the texture and that this bag converts to a backpack. I’m loving the sleek multi-functional design.

What I Packed: Graphic Tee: Hudson Lillian Designs; Sweater: old; Black suede dress: old; Cardigan: old; Love Tee: c/o Sweet Pea Clothing LLC; Jeggings: old; Denim leggings: c/o Gozon; Jacket: c/o Aventura; Boots: Rockport; Bag: Thacker NYC

Back to my own packing. I always overpack because well a girl never knows her own mind when it comes to what to wear right? I like to have options. That said, having a capsule helped me narrow it down to pieces I love and feel comfortable in. I ended up wearing what I planned until the trip home ended in an unexpected delay that called for sweats instead of my classier sweater. I planned for two full outfits plus an outfit for mass and extra lounge clothes just in case I wanted to snuggle up in the cooler northern weather. I also threw in my favorite graphic tee from Hudson Lillian Designs because you never know when you’ll feel in the mood for a little sass (and despite what my six year old thinks sassy does not mean annoying).

What did I actually wear? My outfit planned for Saturday (I chose the LOVE shirt c/o Sweet Pea Clothing LLC – join her Facebook group here– because it was Valentine’s weekend after all), my church outfit, my denim leggings to drive home and a sweatshirt with a tank underneath for a comfortable ride in the dark. My sweater would have been just as soft and comfy but it just wasn’t giving me the cozy vibes an oversized sweatshirt does.

Here’s what I didn’t wear: my graphic tee (it was too cold and I don’t like to use it as an under layer because I like to show off the words), my beige sweater, extra lounge pants, and my brown cardigan (I stuck with the black one I wore on our trip out instead).

Overall, I liked my options and I was cozy for the weekend. Did I overpack? A little maybe but not much. Using my capsule, I chose pieces that were mix and matchable and I was even prepared for the unexpected. What did not happen? I didn’t end up with a bag full of stuff and nothing to wear.


  1. That bag looks really cool! And it matches your whole fashion style, so you can probably use it well past the baby stage!

    1. Yes! It’s actually an outdoor type on the go bag- I feel like you could use it as a baby bag but also just as a whenever Bag!

    1. Haha I know the pain! I took like 3 extra totes with random stuff like diapers and swimsuits (my sister has a hot tub!).

  2. I am in love with that bag! It is so pretty! We do pack with the Capsule method, it is so helpful to keep us (me) from over packing.

    1. Yes! Overpacking can make traveling so overwhelming. Knowing what you’re going to wear just makes getting dressed on the go and staying organized so much easier!

  3. What a cute tote! Your capsule is great – it really helps to be prepared with a versatile wardrobe when you travel. You look great, and comfy too!

  4. I just love that tote bag! It is so great to have a go-to bag that you know will fit all your things without cramming for a getaway. I was a chronic overpacker too but I started doing exactly what you did – use a capsule, create outfits ahead of time and stick with basics! I love the PINK sweatshirt! So cozy.


    1. Yes, I think even if I don’t stick with capsuling strictly, I’m going to do this for traveling! So much more efficient than the typical random collection of stuff!!

  5. That tote would be perfect for my two boys!! I always overpack so this was very helpful to read. Your family is so beautiful!

  6. Great tips again! I’m totally with you, I always overpack my luggage…it’s definitely a girl-thing. 😉 You inspired me so much with this capsule wardrobe thing, I’m planning to create my own and will start tomorrow.

    Xo Sara

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