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Life is rarely black and white. Shades of grey color the world…and my closet. You thought I was going to get philosophical there didn’t you? Nope, I’m just talking about these fabulous pieces I’m using to transition into spring. I planned to wear them with a sleek jacket or comfy cardigan and then spring came to February so we can just pretend I won’t be huddled up in sweaters and Sherpa boots again next week.

I’ve been talking a lot about capsuling lately and I have to admit I’m failing miserably at both my goals for this month (I’ve bought 2 new cardigans, a tee, some leggings…need I go on? And, I’ve pulled more than one piece out of my closet to accentuate the original line up). That said, I am sticking to neutral classic pieces and finding out what I enjoy wearing over and over…and what I don’t. Black, white, and all the shades in between are definitely a do and a must for the building blocks of every wardrobe. Black looks good on everyone. As far as white and grey, you can do cool charcoal or warmer greige and stark white or creamy ivory. For me, no question, I like the clean crisp whites, dark midnight blacks, and faded charcoals.

Once you get past picking your colors, choosing classic styles is key to a great wardrobe. Tees, jeans, and leggings are all great basics but to give your outfit a little punch, choose pieces that accentuate your own unique vibe.

Four items you need in your closet right now.

1. Tunic. A tunic is like a tee but more put together. It’s perfect with leggings or skinny jeans.

2. Casual Tee Dress. Dress it up or down. The tee dress is probably the most versatile item you will own. I love that it’s perfect for a day running errands and equally awesome for a night on the town. Go neutral so you can dress this up anyway you want (scarves add a cute pop of color and don’t be shy about adding jewelry or a fun shoe).

3. Blouse. A good blouse will take you from mom to office ready. Who am I kidding, my office is next to my laundry room but I do like to throw one on when I’m going out with the girls. It’s an easy way to pull yourself together. Sleeveless options make a good layering piece and can be worn tucked or untucked with jeans, leggings, or a high waisted skirt.

4. Statement pants. My favorite right now are the moto leggings. But, you can do this with color, pattern, or texture. I love the moto look right now because it brings me back to the 90s and that’s a big fashion trend right now (I never thought I’d see the day but I’m curiously glad to- just don’t bring back the stirrup pants and scrunchies please!).

Don’t forget to give your outfit a little kick with the right shoes for your day: tennies to mom it, comfy for a casual day out, or sexy heels for a date (yes, even if it’s just out with the husband- show him what’s been hiding under the mom bun and penguin slippers).

What do you think? Do you see the world through grey colored glasses? I know I certainly do and my closet is loving it.


  1. I love these outfits! They look super comfortable for this post partum mommy! I love the muted towns as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. There are so many shades of grey which Makes it the perfect wardrobe staple! I absolutely love those pants- super comfy but a little better than typical leggings!

  2. The casual tee dress is so pretty and it’s calling my name. I love any dress can dress up and down.

  3. I just adore that tank blouse!! It is so my style and would go perfectly in my closet! I am with you on choosing a colour pallet. I used to think I should buy pieces I don’t usually wear….but then I never wore them! So i stick to my usuals of beige, grey, denim and pinks.


    1. I’ve been looking at that blouse for a solid year- so glad it’s finally in my closet. And, I have done the same thing! Then I saw pieces fly out of my closet after wearing them once and realized I need to choose pieces I love- and will actually wear. Give me all the neutrals!

  4. Jamie, you make anything look beautiful and I’m all about the neutrals ?? Loved this post btw, keep up the good work you beautiful fashionista you ?

    1. Me too! I think I’m going to live in it this spring! I’ve been eyeing that blouse forever though so it’s a close second.

  5. That gray casual tee dress is my absolute favorite!! I feel like you could wear it year round! Love how you styled it with those cute booties! And totally mom friendly.

  6. Cute twist on the “mom uniform” Most times people classify moms as frumpy because we always wear leggings haha Love to see someone giving moms fashion a good name !

  7. Gray is the color I have the most of in my closet after black. It just goes with everything!! I love the tee dress; it seems like the perfect mom outfit for spring!

    1. Thank you girl! I’m all about sharing and I’ll be honest- though they sponsor me- I still use my code every now and again- all the amazing stuff!!

    1. Yes the wrap is sooo flattering and I like the faux wrap where it’s not in danger of flying open ha.

  8. Sounds like our closets are similar!! And I am now obsessed with those shoes and must have them ?? My husband and budget hate you lol

  9. This is so my color palette! That sleeveless blouse is my favorite piece of the whole article. Those vertical stripes with the horizontal striped pockets – in love!

  10. You look stunning in all of these outfits! I love the different shades of grey. You don’t always need color to put an outfit together, and this post is a great reminder of that <3 <3 <3

  11. Hi Jamie, I really love your style and enjoyed the lovely pics you took. Definitely in the mood for some shopping now ?

  12. I’ve been meaning to look into a capsule wardrobe. I have way too many random pieces of clothing that don’t match with anything! I love those pants that you have too!

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