Dress: Gleam Boutique; Jacket: c/o Aventura Clothing (old, but head over and use code mommyinflats20 for 20% off their spring collection); Sandals: c/o Jambu (use code MOMMY19 for 20% off your entire purchase)

Inspiration or motivation. Are they the same thing? I’ve been lacking both and I’m really hoping the spring brings it back because I miss it.

Do you ever feel like that? Just utterly unsure of what to do next? When in doubt, order shoes. Kidding (I mean sort of- shoes do make everything better). Life has been kind of blah lately. Just monotonous. I feel like that’s kind of mom life though. Even when I want to do all the things, there’s a limit to all the things that can be done whilst juggling all the duties a mom naturally has. Plus, there’s the constant interruptions. The whining, the snacks and drinks, laundry, and never ending todo lists (like sorting and reorganizing- no matter how much I get rid of and don’t buy, there always seems to be a plethora of things).

Through it all, there is life. It must be lived while we can, so we’d best find the joy, right?? That’s why I’m saying yes when I can and no when I really want to. Why I’m wearing the heels and dancing in the streets (or rather very safely on the sidewalks). I’m playing with the kids more and spending more time with the husband. I’m reading the book, taking the walk, and letting the dishes pile up (just a little). Sometimes, life isn’t exhilarating or heart stopping but it’s living. So, I’m trying to savor the little things and not sweat the small stuff (so what if the 7 year old can’t keep her room clean for more than a minute or the 2 year old refuses to eat anything green).

Today, that just might be enjoying a walk in some pretty sandals with my favorite man, catching a Pokémon or two. Or it might be snuggling with my almost 3 year old (where does time go) and listening to him say “mama!! I love you!!” Over and over again. Or it just might be a giggling game of Sleeping Queens with my oldest littles and turning an eye as the 5 year old swipes an extra card. While I’m struggling to find the next big thing, I’m never short of the little things and that’s what life is made up of anyway.

Thank you Jambu for fueling my shoe addiction and you’re welcome to my readers for the code MOMMY19, which gets you 20% off your entire purchase!


  1. Beautiful dress and love these chic shoes! The height is perfect for twirling or chasing around little fast feet! I can relate to you because I feel the same way and I only one child but he feels like he is 10 kids combined! We got this though, right?! Happy belated Easter and happy Monday!


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