Standing in the kitchen, cooking a homemade meal, swaying to some Taylor Swift, it strikes me: today was the perfect day. I woke up to silly sweet babies and all the fun (and not so fun that comes with them). I wandered downstairs to a fresh cup of coffee from my husband. I hurt my shoulder the day before, but woke up with just a slight ache, allowing me to continue with my workout program with only a slight deviation. Got ready for the day and was met with four kids ready to hit the road. It was a peach picking, black cherry ice cream eating day.

The baby fussed about the heat. My shoulder ached as I carted around full bags of fruit and small children. The slushee machine wasn’t freezing right. It started raining (and the kids played on the playground anyway). I came home with fresh peaches, handmade fudge, and happy children.

There are some who want more: traveling, successful carriers, adventure. Me? My heart has always yearned for simple contentment. It’s what makes me happiest. Isn’t it amazing how different we are? I admire those who embrace new experiences and search out the answers to all life’s questions. But, I’ll leave them to it. As for me, give me the perfect chocolate chip cookie, dinner in the oven, and a baby on my hip.

PS I know this post is highly uninteresting to anyone but me but if you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been posting much of anything lately because that’s my mood. The fashion and the kiddo toys are fun but sometimes you just need a few minutes to really soak in the little things life has to offer.

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