Photograph by A

This post was sponsored by Lakeshore Learning gifted toys (all toys mentioned in this post were sent care of Lakeshore Learning). All opinions are my own (or my little girl’s).

Guest post by my oldest who turned 11 this summer. She hopes to be a blogger and photographer when she grows up and I think she’s doing great on both counts.

Though I meant to post this earlier, as you notice we’ve kind of taken a hiatus from blogging this summer. Instead we stayed busy playing and enjoying being together. Many days were spent with these toys and all of the ones we have collected from lakeshore over the past two years. They are my favorites because their educational and the kids because they are fun. I can’t tell you how many hours were spent playing with these but I can tell you they were filled with smiles and togetherness.

We love lakeshore learning and I can’t wait to share all my thoughts about the new toys we got from them.

First, both my brothers loved playing with lakeshores magnetic fishing set that is easy to use and comes with four fishing poles and lots of fish. Shop Lakeshore Magnetic Fishing Set here.

Next, my brother picked out letter bubbles they have letter on one side and pictures on the other and there great for the pool or water table so fun for summer. Shop Float & Find Alphabet Bubbles here.

Now, I’ll tell you about my sister’s fun magnetic pattern blocks they are so cool and great for all ages. Shop Magnetic Pattern Block Builders here.

And, last but not least my magnetic blocks they are square and super fun to play with. Shop See Inside Magnetic Blocks here.

We enjoy each and every one of these toys and we are so excited about are fun filled summer with Lakeshore.

Much <3, A

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