Tractor: c/o Big Country Toys

This is going to be a quick post but I just wanted to give you a baby J update since I haven’t in quite some time. This little guy right here was the inspiration for this blog. After he was born, I wanted to find something to do to exercise my brain and stretch my talents: enter Mommy in Flats and over a year of writing and photos capturing our life.

Our life wouldn’t include him if it didn’t include “actors.” He loves anything with wheels, but I think riding around the lawn with his Grandpa has encouraged baby J’s love for the big green machines. This one from Big Country Toys is especially fun because it comes with a removable forklift with hay bale or bucket attachment. The doors open and feature realistic additions like side mirrors and moving lifts.

All the kids really enjoy playing with this set with an assortment of little farm animals that we’ve collected. On this day, there was an hour or more of quiet (alleluia!!) play time. A day in our house isn’t complete without an animal and all things rolly parade (usually smack dab in the middle of my coffee table- thanks kids). But, no one loves these toys quite as much as baby J (who at this moment is pointing at these pictures crying “‘actor ‘actor ‘actor”).

At 18+ months, baby J is saying so many words and getting into so much trouble. He loves cars (his first word even!), dinosaurs, and PJ Masks. He’s a little carnivore and not so much a fan of peas (I learned that the hard way- ugh). He says “pease” and “ank ooo” like the little southern gentleman he is and is attached to any blanket with silky edges, which he calls “uggies.” We all still enjoy babying him and may or may not have passed him around the dinner table last night to let him “boop” noses. In other news, the girls are now petitioning for another baby. A is okay with whatever I want to bring home but B is requesting a boy and a girl and if I bring them home by the end of the weekend she’ll pay me two dollars.

I think for now we’ll stick with this little “actor” loving boy and enjoy watching him grow and play. In fact, next time you see him, he’ll probably be riding a “orsee” saying giddyup!

Green Tractor and accessories: c/o Big Country Toys

Assorted farm animals: old (similar)

Stay tuned for a Rodeo show down c/o BC Toys coming soon!!


    1. My 9 year old girl loves to play with them too- she was on the floor long after the baby had wandered off!

  1. These pictures are so cute! I love how you can see he’s writing his own story with the tractor and the animals! Aren’t their imaginations so amazing at this age?

    1. Yes!! He’s the most active player I have ever had. He will sit content for hours as long as he has some sort of rolly thing and little characters!

  2. That is so fun! What a wonderful age. Your love for your family is so evident in the way that you talk about them. Thank You for sharing a glimpse of your life.

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