Big horse bouncer: c/o Big Country Toys

Little horse bouncer: c/o Big Country Toys

Where do kids get all this energy? We’ve gone from unseasonably cold March to rainy April, I’m a little worried for my sanity and can’t wait for the sun and lazy days (for me) outdoors (and running for the kids). These bouncers are just what the doctor ordered for racing around the yard without a care in the world.

We live in cow country which is quite the change for this city girl but I can’t say I mind! With the kiddos, I can say I wish we lived even more country (I want more property for the littles to run even on cold days). Lucky for us, we’re just a short drive away from long walks by the Shenandoah River or hikes up the Blue Ridge Mountains. On days when I just can’t get up the energy to lug the four kids out, it’s nice to have some toys that encourage imaginative active play. These horse bouncers from Big Country Toys are perfect for energy burning. I love that they’re so realistic (the first time I saw bouncers like this they were brightly colored without faces- still fun but not quite so cute) and can go from indoors to out in a pinch (and they’re easy to wipe clean as a bonus!).

The kids love having rip roaring bounces around the yard, racing each other from one fence to the other. All of them, from the 9 year old down to baby (he’s almost 2- so sad), love to bounce and play bucking bronco. We have a hill which makes this endeavor even more fun and maybe a little risky- I actually tried it out and the results were slightly embarrassing (and no I won’t show you- I bounced myself right off the horse haha).

How are you keeping spring fever at bay while waiting for warm summer days? We’ll be over here bouncing and hoping the sun comes out soon!


  1. My family can’t wait to be able to play outside again! Mother nature forgot that it is Spring and is sending us more snow EVERY SINGLE weekend for the last 4 weeks. Plus we’re supposed to get a whole lot more next week. These horse bouncers looks like a whole lot of fun. My girls would have fun bouncing on these in our yard. We have a bouncer we talk outside when it’s nice. For now, it’s in the basement.

  2. OH! My kids would love these! We are longing for spring too! It has still been snowing every few days! 🙁

  3. These remind me of the old school bouncy balls from when I was a kid. I could bounce all day. It’s a great way to burn off a little energy.


    1. Yes! They are fabulous. The kids always love bouncing but the themed ones make it even more fun!

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