Jeans: c/o Warp + Weft; Tops: old; Bag: c/o ThackerNYC; Sneaks: Born (found on Zulily); Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (use code MOMMYINFLATS for 15% off your order)

Lately, denim is getting the short end of the stick. With leggings on the rise, stiff, starchy denim is getting less popular. I, myself, have been known to say, I’m dressing up when I throw on a pair of jeans. When yoga pants are the norm, denim feels like the exception. But, my goal this April is to let the leggings gather dust (except for working out…tank top and shorts season is coming- eek) and wear clothes that make me feel good- this includes denim.

What doesn’t make me feel good are pants that dig, squeeze, and lose shape (no one likes a saggy bum). I need jeans that I can move in. I don’t have time to be uncomfortable while running after four (very busy) children. Plus, I want to get fit and there is nothing that makes me feel more depressed than a too tight waist pant giving birth to a muffin top (after four kids, I’ve got some extra jiggle that I just can’t tighten no matter how I try- too tight jeans just accentuate it).

I’ve heard this rumor floating around the great interwebs that yoga pants are making us fat. I’m not sure I buy into this notion as I think normally too much junk and not enough exercise are usually the cause for weight gain. But, if that’s the case, jeans that make us feel comfy enough to exercise in, but put together enough for date night, have to be the best of both worlds. That’s what Warp + Weft jeans make me feel like.

These jeans move with me without sagging mid triangle (yoga for the win- don’t mind my lacking flexibility and form- it’s been a while) or tugging at my waistband while running around the playground. That’s exactly what I’m depending on for my no leggings month. How do you know if you’ve found a good pair of denim? Try doing downward facing dog and you know. Warp + Weft passed the test.

What do you think: could you box up your yoga pants for a month? I’m not sure but I am going to give it a try.

Warp + Weft sent me this complimentary pair of jeans to review, all thoughts and opinions are always my own.


  1. The jeans look great! And I also love doing yoga…I really need to do it again. I had a pair of jeans that I didn’t feel great in and they were causing me lower back pain. I finally bought myself a new pair of jeans and they are so comfortable. The jeans are Universal Thread brand from Target. I bought the midrise skinny jeans and I love them.

    1. I tried that brand but I chose the wrong style I think because they were so stiff! Now that I’ve had warps I may never be able to go back- they’re so comfy!

    1. Yes! They really do! And if I were more flexible you’d see that they can stretch even more lol

  2. Love this idea but I’m absolutely noooot sure, if I would make it! hahaha I LOVE my leggings and yoga pants so much. I’m so curious if you will make it. And the jeans are super stylish. 😉

    Xo, Sara

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