Shoes c/o Time Slippers, making road tripping a little more comfy chic.

This seems pretty common sense intensive so it’s not going to be a long winded write up. We decided instead of dragging four children and all that comes with them through security and on an airplane, that we’d drive to Disney World. From our home, the drive is about 13 hours. Thirteen hours quickly turns into 16 even with just necessary stops. So, the number one thing that you need to keep in mind when traveling by car is comfort. Heck, I might even suggest wearing pajamas. If you don’t want to be seen in public in your floral pj pants and ratty tees, read on to find out my comfortable road trip necessities.

His and her shoes provided by Time Slippers to make this trip a breeze for our feet. With yoga mat inserts, these shoes are like wearing nothing but oh so much more chic.

  1. Leggings. More socially acceptable for public wear than pj pants but just as comfy. They can also be dressed up or down to make yourself presentable for stops along the way. Among other places, we stopped at a huge candy store in Savannah, Georgia. Pairing my leggings with a comfy jacket and sleek shoes left me feeling right at home in downtown after 9 hours in the car (though, the four kids tagging along at close to 10 pm might have set us a bit apart from the party crowd milling about us). My favorite place for leggings right now is Pact. Not only are they super comfy but their organic wear is saving the planet, one eco friendly garment at a time.

  1. Comfy sweatshirts. You may be able to control the climate in your own car but you can’t control the thermostat of the ones around you. For some reason, the driver likes to keep the temperature similar to a refrigerator. Layers are perfect when you’re driving across climates and need to adjust. As we drove south, the temps outside crept up (even if those inside our car did not). My sweatshirt is from Pact. My jacket is on repeat from Aventura’s Wooly Bully line.

  2. Slipper shoes. Shoes might be the most important part about comfort on the road. Wearing shoes that don’t feel like shoes makes you less tempted to lose the footwear all together. It’s annoying to need to re shoe yourself at every stop. Time slippers are sneakers that feel like loungewear for your feet. The leather outers are supple and flexible making them easy to wear and forget. This pair has a collapsible heel so you can slip them on and off quickly. I also have a pair of their mid tops that are just as comfy but with some added ankle coverage. Any way you go with these sneakers (they have mens too and my husband lives in his!), your feet will be warm and oh so comfy (they also kept my feet comfy all day at magic kingdom).

Bag c/o Latico Leathers (use code MIF20 for 20% off your entire purchase)

  1. A secure bag. There is nothing worse than losing your S*** on vacation..except maybe losing your actual stuff. That’s why a secure bag is key. I swapped out my normal open tote for a cross body with a flap and it made hopping from car to public restroom to the Disney parks so easy! I would have been lost with a huge bag. This one from Latico Leathers has the added benefit of being super cute. I love the design (and you can use the code MIF20 for 20% off your entire order).

No matter how you travel, ease and comfort are key. You can’t go wrong with leggings, a sweater, a cute bag, and some really comfy shoes.


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