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This fall, I challenge you to start paying more attention to where you shop. Whether it be for groceries or your new tee. Now, I’m not saying you should give up Target completely (let’s not get crazy- there are some times you just need something quick or inexpensive) but try swapping out a few big box buys for small business finds. As an added bonus, you won’t see everyone else wearing those fab new boots or carrying that trendy purse. 

Expanding my fashion options to include small online boutiques has not only expanded my wardrobe but it has put cheap clearance rack finds in a different light. I’d rather spend the extra for quality pieces that will be wardrobe staples year after year than buy cheap and replace them ad nauseum. Aventura is my newest discovery in sustainable fashion (Click to learn more and see how they’re helping survivors of domestic abuse get back on their feet) and I was not disappointed when I opened the box to find exquisitely made items with high quality fabrics and fresh designs. 

One of my favorite things to do when I find a unique piece is to focus on all the ways I can wear it. I haven’t even begun to explore all of them with this Aventura plaid shirt, but I have scratched the surface. My first thought was that this would make a gorgeous dress, but even on me it was just a little too short (maybe if I didn’t lift my arms up all day?! Close but no cigar). Then I had a lightbulb moment, we layer tanks and tees and jumpsuits. Why not layer a tunic? I pulled out a dress I already had and threw it on. Then I reached for this Aventura plaid button up and they were a match made in heaven. Plus, I love the flirty button detail in the back. It adds the perfect bit of femininity to a classically masculine pattern. 

Recreate this look

Begin with a base layer dress in a solid color (here’s where you can skimp, find your base dress on the clearance rack or your local thrift store or even your own closet like I did). Add a tunic like this beautiful plaid or this neutral tee from Aventura. Voila, you have turned a tunic into a dress and created a unique look.

Eco-conscious fashion starts in your own closet. You can create a new look with things you already own. When you have to shop new, look at the brands you’re supporting and choose high quality, earth friendly. Happy shopping, happy living!


Simply comment on this blog post with your favorite fall trend to be entered to win an Aventura shirt of your choice! 

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Shirt: c/o Aventura

Jacket: c/o Aventura

Boots: Dansko

Bag: Bedstu (sold out)


  1. I adore this shirt! I don’t have anything like it! I can’t wait for sweaters, jeans and boots!

  2. I love the shirt, but I love the jacket even more! There was a group of people somewhere on the web who had a challenge to go a whole year without buying anything new, to get everything second hand if they needed it to be more eco-concious. I don’t know how it turned out, but they had kids and everything.

    1. That’s amazing. I’m so bad at it but I try to make sure I wear everything in multiple ways. I love the coat too because it’s so functional! They have a couple cute ones. I think if you can’t curb your shopping habit at least shop places that you believe in. Whether it’s because they’re run by mamas (like Bailey Rose & Co or Asterisk Boutique) or a company like this with strong charitable and earth friendly values!

  3. First of all, DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?!?!? Second, you look fabulous. Thirdly, I love layers. And the warm colors. And the TALL boots. ?

    1. Haha I didn’t! I have short hair but I think I may have used my extensions here- don’t tell anyone ? I just got some tall boots! Love that about fall too.

  4. My favorite fall trend is Plaid, of course. I also love the ruffled sleeve sweaters!

  5. First, please come help me be fashionable. Second, I need this look! I live in Florida, so it isn’t really ever frigid here, but this look would be PERFECT since my legs would be exposed!! LOVE!

    1. I love turning things into something unexpected. It was fun to style this one out of the box (it really was just a tad too short to be a dress but I thought about it for a few minutes before I came up with this idea).

  6. This is a beautiful look for the fall! I love the bright blue in the plaid and those boots are perfect! I’m sure their comfy too – a BIG plus!

  7. I love that shirt and your layering idea! That’s something I would have never thought of.

    1. Me neither until I saw that shirt. It’s so funny when you sit down and really think of the ways you can wear something- it was too hot for jeans and here it is! ❤️ thank you!

  8. You look fab! I especially like the jacket! Could wear it to everything! And yes I agree that we should try to shop from local and small store more often to support each other.

  9. I love layering and denim jackets. I really love all the different boot styles that are out for fall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. JAMIE, I just love these vibrant colors on you! They seriously compliment your skin tone! Fall is just the best for everything, especially fashion.

  11. Boots. Can you find me some boots that won’t bother my plantar fasciitis? ?I’m so tired of tennis shoes, but the boots I have will hurt my feet.

    1. What exactly do you need for support for that? I have several brands of boots that are really comfy. Rockport for one, dansko is another. Plus, have you tried inserts?

  12. As someone who spent her formative high school years during the Grunge period, I have a soft spot in my heart for plaid. It’s just full of happiness and homey-ness for me. The fashion equivalent of comfort food, lol. I would wear it every single day if I could!!

  13. I am just getting into how much layers can elevate an outfit however I have always loved boot weather. I feel like they can elevate an outfit.

  14. I would love one of those shirts!! I love the scarves and plaid shirts in the colder months but also I love being able to bring a blanket with my daughter and I when we go outside. Gosh it is so fun to cuddle up in the cold!!

  15. I love your outfit. It’s gorgeous. My fave fall trend this year is the leather moto jacket. Of course this look is timeless but I love that it has taken center stage this year.

  16. I do love fall and I have a couple of plaid shirts. The pattern can be year round if you choose the lighter fabric. Good choice.

  17. Love anything plaid! I agree Iv been noticing my clothes and my kids clothes are falling apar so Iv been trying to buy a little more expensive and they r lasting longer! It’s totally worth it 🙂

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