It’s official, summer is coming to an end and so are the summer 5x5s. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back for fall. I’ve talked about what a 5×5 is and how to do it here and here. So, I’m not going to repeat myself. Instead, I’m going to give you the low down on this week’s Instagram challenge. 

I teamed up with a bunch of awesome mommy friends on instagram to share a week of 5 outfits in 5 days with only 5 main pieces (accessories and shoes flow in and out of the outfits as needed). I created this collection around my basic black jumpsuit from Gozon (see this post for more on that). Here’s how it went. 

The Pieces. 

1. Black Jumpsuit from Gozon: Use code MOMMYINFLATS for 20% off your order.

2. Blush Ruffle Top by H&M, similar

3. Grey Crop Top by H&M

4. Blush Ribbed Dress by H&M, in black

5. Jeggings by Svelte 

 The Looks.

1. Jumpsuit + Crop Top. 

2. Jeggings + Ruffle Top.

3. Jumpsuit + Dress.

4. Dress + Crop Top.

5. Jumpsuit + Ruffle Top. 

What Worked. The color scheme. It was amazing. Who doesn’t love black, denim, and this year’s hottest neutral: blush? All the pieces went together. The jumpsuit from Gozon was my inspo piece for this collection and I could easily have extended this exercise with just a few more runs of the wash cycle. But, taking pictures for 5 days straight is all I can handle. I do want to try the pink dress with the Ruffle top some time. If I hadn’t been dying for an excuse to wear my Svelte jeggings, I probably would have made that one the 5th outfit. Speaking of things that worked, those jeggings. They fit like a glove. A really well made, soft and comfy glove. But, I’ll get into that more next week when we take a closer look. 

What Didn’t. It was hot. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really want to leave the house and let’s get real, if I’m not leaving the house my two favorite pieces are leggings or sweats (thank goodness the jumper is kind of a mix of both!). Why get the pretty things dirty when I’m spending the day changing diapers and folding laundry? That said, I still had unnegotiables like appointments, church, and kids’ activities. So, I did need to wear something and at least that something was already picked out ahead of time. As far as the actual pieces the only thing that really could have worked better was the pink dress- I don’t own a slip because I never wear things that need one. I officially need one. I kept it modest in a long tank and shorts but a longer slip would have made it even better- it really could have used to be lined but when you get it on clearance from H&M you kind of just don’t complain and go with it! Oh and one last thing, that beautiful faux leather jacket? I think by now you’ve figured out it didn’t make it off the clothes rack this week. It was mainly just for the picture anyway. 

Getting Dirty. This was probably the biggest change from previous 5x5s. I normally have not had a problem wearing an extra layer in the form of a tank and/or undershorts and getting away with two wears. This time, I was drenched in sweat just from 15 minutes outdoors with the kids. Or at least that’s how it felt (but not really because ladies don’t sweat of course!). So, note to self: 5x5s are a lot harder in the dead of summer.  Or at least, require more laundry. Being a family of 6 I do a load a day anyway so it wasn’t too hard, but just not as eco friendly or convenient as my previous ones have been. I still got two wears out of the jumpsuit and dress thanks to layers. 

This 5×5 was really basic (in a good way). When I look at my outfits together, I see one cohesive collection of items. The blush may have been my favorite color but for sure centering the post around my jumpsuit was my favorite part. It meant I did end up wearing most of my picks all day. Another 5×5 is in the books with more to come. Want to see what the rest of my instafriends did for the 5×5? Head over to Instagram and check out their fab looks! Until next time,


  1. I like this idea! I’ve been working on a capsule wardrobe and have found that everything I’ve kept are neutrals. My family makes fun of me for it but it makes getting ready in the mornings so much easier.

    1. Yes! When everything goes with everything else, you find yourself wearing it so much more!

    1. Thank you! That was one of my favorite outfits of the week and the purse is to die for- I love it.

  2. Love this so much! Would you be interested in guest blogging for me about having a minimalist wardrobe as a mom?

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