When did basic become a bad thing? I can’t remember what I was watching (maybe the Real Housewives?) but apparently you don’t want to be called basic. Being decidedly politically incorrect, I still call things basic all the time. Basic day, basic colors, basic outfit- basically everything comes down to the basics. I guess I quantify basic with neutral, solid, classic. But, however you cut it, this black jumpsuit from Gozon is anything but boring. 

I’ve been looking for a comfy, solid neutral jumper for months now. I want something I can wear lounging around the house and out to get drinks with friends. In other words, I want the perfect mommy one piece. The thing I love about jumpsuits is they are a basic building block for your wardrobe especially when designed like this one. It has a draped neckline and flowy pants that hit just right. And, pockets. By now you should know how I feel about pockets. 

The absolute best thing about this piece is the potential to style it so many ways. And, you’re going to get to see a few of them in my post on Friday about my last 5×5 of the summer (going on right now on Instagram!). The thing is, you can put something under it, over it, or both. You can add a splash of color with a pretty tank or go mono with a black tee. This piece is the quintessential building block for your wardrobe. 

For the last thing you’re thinking, isn’t she too old for a crop top. My answer? Maybe, which is why I’d normally have layered this with a tank. But, I threw caution to the wind and showed a smidgeon of skin (don’t worry, I’m keeping my goal of staying modest over here- this will not morph into belly baring boob shots- this is not that kind of blog;). However, the other cool thing about this jumper is that you can tie the straps in the back to make it sit higher and show a little less. Not quite sure what I’m talking about? Head over to Instagram to see look two with this jumper and stick around Friday for the full collection! 

Jumpsuit: c/o Gozon (made in the USA***)  Use the code MOMMYINFLATS for 20% off your order

Top: H&M (made in Bangladesh) 

Shoes: Converse, similar 

***When available, I am striving to give more imformation about the source of my pieces for those of my readers who are striving to improve their carbon footprint. I love shopping with Gozon specifically because many of their items are made in the USA. H&M is also making strides toward sustainable fashion with a new eco-conscious line focusing on eco-friendly and organic sources. Unfortunately, I’m no longer sure where converse manufactures their shoes as they were bought out by Nike and moved all of their factories outside of the US.***


    1. I adore black- it’s such a necessity for everyone’s closet because it’s so easy to style!

    1. I know??? But someone on some show called someone else basic and she was like “oh no you didn’t” ????‍♀️

  1. It’s good to see someone else who likes basic design! Although I haven’t been brave enough to try a jumper, this looks cute on you and I love it’s versatility!

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