Are you dying to try a tee shirt dress but can’t find one that fits just right? Loving the flowy look but sometimes just want to switch it up? Look no further, I’ve got you covered. 

I adore long flowy, jersey dresses and they’re everywhere this summer. What I don’t adore? Looking like I’m wearing a mumu- that’s just not the vibe I’m going for. The solution? Well there are many. Which is why a mumu might actually be this season’s *it* dress. 

Take these dresses from Pink Blush. They design pieces that work for maternity and beyond. In fact, for this experiment, I chose dresses that were specifically from the maternity department. Here are my top 3 tricks for making any (stretchy) dress fit. 

1. Knot it. My favorite way to shorten and shape a dress right now is the knot. I love that it’s easy- you don’t need to worry about any accessories. You can knot on the go. I love the drape it gives in addition to the transformation. I also really love doing it with dresses or skirts that have slits because it allows you to change the look of the entire piece with just the knot of the fabric and it gives you a dramatic train with a mini front. As my friend Ashleigh would say- it’s a mullet look for fashion-  business in the front party in the back. 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush (Fun tip: many of the dresses from Pink Blush can be worn when expecting and beyond. For this shoot, I chose three maternity style dresses and used these tips to make them work for me. So, if baby #5 comes along, I’ll be ready!)

Shoes: Franco Sarto, similar

2. Belt it. This is the classic way to shorten or add shape to a dress. When you’re starting with a flowy base this allows you to work with the shape as you can fluff it, keep it straight, or do a little of both. You can belt it high (my go to) or belt it at the hips for a more hippy look (no pun intended). 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush

Shoes: Timberland

3. Tie it. This is the best solution for adding a fun back detail or defining the waist without a belt. All you need is a hair tie. Scrunch your dress at the hem or waist. High or low. Side, middle, or back. Are you getting the idea that this is really the most versatile way to spice up a flowy dress? It is. Don’t feel like wearing a belt? Grab a band, pull your dress taught and wrap around. Your dress went from swimming to slimming in one simple step and it gives your back view a little interest. 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush

Shoes: Josef Seibel

Bag: Vintage

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Next time you try on a dress and love it but feel it’s just not quite the right size, consider one of these tips to go from mumu to Chic in one quick easy step. 


  1. I love jotting my maxi skirts. But I haven’t tried knotting the one with double slits. Something to try!

  2. I love your site!!

    These are such good ideas, I can’t believe how the change in shape alters the whole look. And it makes it so much better. I’m going to start experimenting with these.

  3. This was so timely! I was checking out the gap sale section last night and said to my husband that nothing was fitted enough…. you just cost me a ton of money hahaha!

  4. This is so useful. Being petite I find oversized styles look awful on me but this is a great way of making them work x

    1. I’m short so I feel you! This is the first summer I’ve been able to join in the maxi trend!

  5. Great tips! I love anything maxi 🙂 the knot is adorable. I am going to have to try that! Thx for sharing 🙂

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