Now that I’ve finally officially done a mini capsule challenge (missed the introduction? Start at the beginning), I can give you the low down about what worked, what didn’t, and how capsuling was for me. Let’s start with that last statement. I want to be able to turn my wardrobe into a capsule. I want to curb my fashion spending (and believe it or not, this blog has helped me attain that goal). But, I’m just not ready to commit to a certain number of items. I like my collection of about 25 graphic tees and tanks. I love my 10 pairs of leggings. I like my collection of dresses and skirts. I adore my shoe collection (some men send flowers, mine sends me Zappos boxes). Pairing all these down to just the basics? I’m just not there.

Instead of committing to a season of capsuling, I committed to one week. Not even a whole week as I wanted to be able to have at least one off day (though I could easily have mixed and matched to give myself 2-3 more outfits here- that black dress has all the potential!!).

1. Black Casual Maxi Dress c/o Gozon

2. Rainbow Graphic Tee by Hudson Lillian Designs

3. Light Floral Blouse, the Loft, similar

4. Sailor Style Jean Shorts, the Loft

5. Maxi skirt, my closet, similar

What I loved about the 5×5 Challenge: I felt excited to get dressed every day. I didn’t have to think about what to put on. Sure, I had to decide what day to wear what, but I just let it flow with my lifestyle. The black dress was a no brainer for date night and the first birthday celebration. The shorts were comfy for errands and the skirt was a perfect fit for a night out with the girls. I liked looking at my wardrobe as a whole and pairing it down to five items. Then, trying to figure out how to put the outfits together to get five unique looks.

What worked: Planning my outfits according to what I had going on for the week. The pieces were all comfy and mostly fit my lifestyle. I could have dressed the shorts down a little more to fit in with errands, maybe my Earth sandals weren’t quite right for dance class drop off but that would have been an easy swap with my Birks or even my Josef Seibel wedges.

What didn’t work: In real life with four kids, I just don’t get dressed every day of the week. A lot of days are a Tee and leggings and I’m okay with that. Sometimes I change from pjs to lounge clothes back to pjs. Life’s too short not to be completely comfy. Though, all my outfits fit well and contained comfortable pieces, I don’t want to worry all day long abought picking up my gooey baby and ruining my chiffon blouse. I think if I do this challenge again, I’ll swap out one or two of the pieces for loungewear so I can keep it genuine. At least one of these days, I literally got dressed for pictures and that’s it (but to be fair that was our rescheduled date night debacle). Other than that I feel like all of these are outfits I would wear out. It’s a little more put together than my normal Graphic Tee and cut off shorts but that was part of the fun!

Will I do it again?: You betcha! I’m planning to do an Instagram only one soon and you better believe that one is including more casual pieces. Stay tuned for that challenge all wrapped up in one post later this month.

Have you checked out my friend Corina’s blog yet over at Head on over and check out posts one and two on her own 5×5 Summer Challenge. I love how she wore her pieces and the simple casual mommy style she brings to all her posts. I’m especially jealous of her beautiful white maxi (but I won’t be buying one like it because I’m supposed to be on a fashion spending freeze…we can dream right?).

Mommy in Flats 5×5 Summer Challenge

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