If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m trying to be more conscious in my wardrobe selections. Choosing items that can be worn over and over but give a fresh look every time. That’s what I tried to do with this casual T-shirt swing dress from Pink Blush. I chose this color and design for its simplicity. Grey is one of my favorite neutrals (maybe even more so than black!) and I love the charcoal of this fabric. The nice thing about a basic, solid, short dress is that it can be transformed over and over with accessories and even in how you wear it (scroll down to see how I completely turned this look around, literally). 

Let’s get down to it, I’m going to show you how to take a basic dress and style it three ways to give yourself three unique looks. 

Mommy Casual: For the first day, I ran out for errands and coffee with J. Big mistake, I woke up with a migraine and while we were taking these pictures, it reached critical, I may throw up right now level (thank goodness I didn’t). Which is why we didn’t do many. That said, it was my simplest look so I think you get the idea. Because this dress is basic, I decided the headband would give it a little kick. I kept it super me with my Birks and Ray-Bans. 

My favorite part about this look is that everything about it screams Jamie and I could have worn it all day (if I hadn’t ended up back home, begging the babysitter to stay a little longer so I could crawl into bed in the dark). Sometimes, my accessories get a little uncomfortable or cumbersome and I end up wearing them for photos and then switching them out as soon as I get home. Not so with this simple look- even with a headache my crawler earrings, headband, shoes, and purse didn’t weigh me down, jingle loudly, or cause me to want to strip the minute I walked in the door. Some days you want to dress up and just feel pretty with all the sparkly reminders and others you just want to be comfy. That’s what this outfit was. 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush

Shoes: Birkenstock

Kimono Beautiful: This look is really a combination of my first Pink Blush look and my Kimono look. Sure, I have different shoes and accessories but that belt and the shape of the dress are reminiscent of the cold shoulder look I did. I have to admit, after a couple months of still not having worn that dress again, the cold shoulder look is just not me. However the cut and simple style of this grey tee version are perfect. 

I wanted to give it a little shape so I threw on my leather belt. Grabbed some simple accessories and tied it all together with my light Kimono. This look was probably my least favorite because I prefer the dress in its flowy form but it’s an option for mixing up the look when you’re wearing the same dress (for three days straight). 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush

Kimono: c/o Pink Blush

Shoes: Dansko

Kris Kross Jump Back to the 80s/90s: I couldn’t really decide if this look was more 80’s or 90’s but it’s definitely got that vibe. There is not much in the world I love more than vintage decor but I think throwback fashion is starting to make an appearance on my list. Confession time, I may be branching into vintage wear because my house cannot hold one more piece of antique furniture (did anyone see the MCM dresser I just bought with nowhere to put it? Check out Instagram for a peek). That said, I’m loving the 80s feel I got from the geometric chunky jewelry. It went great with the bright colors and curves and edges of this brand new mural in my small town (who knew living in the middle of nowhere we’d be surrounded by street art?).

You might notice something else about these pictures. Figure it out? Yeah, I’m wearing it backwards. So, I love the detail in the front and I love the way it looks in the front. However, I was at target perusing the dresses (I know I don’t need any more dresses, nor do I need to be anywhere near the clothing section of any store but I digress), and I came across one with the same detail, in the back. My first thought was, “I like that, maybe I should buy it.” Yes, I’m shaking my head too. No, I did not buy it. Instead, I went home and put the dress on backwards and guess what, it worked. I will admit the tag was a little itchy and if I was to wear it like that consistently, I’d probably take it out (but it feels wrong to remove the tag somehow!). Other than that, I love how it gives me another look with the same dress. 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush

Shoes: Lucky Brand

I literally wore this dress three days in a row. I love the shape, I love the flow, and I love the feel. One thing to note, the fabric is really light. That’s fantastic for a warm summer day. However, that also means it’s a little sheer. I didn’t mind because I tend to wear shorts with all my dresses but it might be something to note. Overall, I haven’t been disappointed by one single PinkBlush order. The items are perfect for this mommy on the go. 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush

Bag: Old Navy (this bag is holding up like a $20 bag does but the shape is keeping it by my side this summer)

Sunnies: Ray-Ban, similar for less