Here we are, the beginning of our 5×5 summer challenge (missed the original post? Here ya go and don’t forget to check out my friend Corina’s 5×5 challenge over at Can I really do it? Wear 5 pieces for 5 days? Well, I’ll admit it now, I broke this up over 7 days because there were a few lounge days of just leggings and a tee. It happens at my house…a lot. That’s the beauty of giving yourself a challenge- you can make it into something that works for you. If you’re following along keep this in mind: keep it casual and fluid (didn’t include a sweater but it’s chilly? Grab one), be sure to include one item you want to wear more but don’t (that’s this Floral blouse for me, I love it but I don’t choose it), and most of all have fun.

Now that we’ve gotten my confessions out of the way, here’s outfit one. I wore this to take my kids to dance camp and out to mom’s book club. As you can see, we got coffee in between and I still had a couple chapters left (procrastination for the win!). This was the perfect outfit because it’s comfortable and flowy but also a little more put together than jeans and a Graphic Tee (my momiform). 

Look 1 wardrobe pieces

Blouse: Loft, similar 

Skirt: Old, similar

Shoes: Earth 

Why I picked this: I usually wear this skirt with a fitted top. I wanted this challenge to take me out of my box. This was probably my standout outfit for this challenge. I chose an item that had been hanging in my closet virtually unworn and paired it with one of my favorite things. 

What worked about this outfit: everything. The only problem I ran into was that someone let their dog bite my skirt. It may never be the same. I may never be the same, that vicious little beagle (I’m laughing on the inside, luckily it just messed with the hem, he could have left holes). 

How I felt: Comfortable. This skirt is flowy and fits perfectly. I wear it at my natural waist to give me the right length. The blouse is light and breezy which was perfect for the warm but not overly hot afternoon. The flat sandals were perfect for taking my little man for a walk (and chasing after him a few times). While we waited for his sisters. It should also be noted that I felt feminine and beautiful in this outfit. I love black with this pink skirt but mixing it up a bit with all the other colors in this blouse was fun. 

I’d say day one was a success. Stay tuned to see one of these items again later this week (or check out this post to see how I’ve worn two of my challenge items together before). See you tomorrow with the next set of items with look number two! 

In the meantime, go check out my friend Corina’s post on her own 5×5 challenge. And, don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and post your own looks with the hashtag #5x5summerchallenge. 

Blouse: the Loft, similar 

Skirt: old, similar 

Shoes: Earth


    1. Yes! I wear it a lot and every time I pair it with something different, this thought occurs to me! It’s so pretty and flowy- even after the dog chewed on the hem ??

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