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In a world filled with social media, it’s tempting to see the world through everyone else’s rose colored lense. It’s easy to compare your own life to the happy moments captured on Facebook or tweeted with #lovemylife or shared on Instagram with a cheery filter. All their shiny memories, dull your daily drudge. But, we’ve heard all this before. It’s been blogged about and shared about and tweeted about- up one side of the great interweb and down the other. So, why am I sharing my musings on it?

This picture. Right here. This bright, sunshiny overexposed brilliant picture. Life sure looks rosy. 

What you can’t see here is the brain fog I woke up with or the fact that I had not one but two little visitors in the shape of little boys in my shower. What you can’t see is that moments earlier the three year old was running loops around my bedroom while I tried to throw my hair in a haphazard bun and finish it off with a swipe of mascara. What you don’t see is that moments later, that same three year old took a full cup of water out of his sister’s hands and dumped it on the unsuspecting one year old. What you can’t see is me shaking with frustration that we couldn’t take five minutes to do an insta photo before we left the house to take the kids on a sample lunch at Costco (are we the only ones who do this? I even let the kids get seconds and thirds okay and fifths if we buy a box). 

Most of all what you can’t see in that beautiful, bright shiny window are the raindrops sprinkling the panes. The dark storm clouds on a gloomy Monday. What you can’t see is the greyness of the world. Isn’t it funny how the world looks from the inside sometimes? 

This picture isn’t going to win any photography awards- the lighting is off and heck you can’t even see my face. But, it did make me think. And, maybe sometimes on those grey days, it’s a good reminder that your gloomy Monday might look awfully cheery from the other side of the lense. 

Kimonigan: Gozon 

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  1. Girl, I can almost always relate to you.
    Also, I might say you did all those lighting mistakes on purpose. I think it’s symbolic of your post. I see (through social media eyes) your nice clothes, your beautiful home, etc, but can’t see what you see.. The rain, the gloom, your reaction to the world…

    1. Isn’t it funny to think about? I mean, I don’t find my life gloomy (the day was which is why it’s so interesting that I look so sunlit!) but overwhelming. Definitely overwhelming. Especially life with our three year old currently. He’ll grow out of it (I hope!). But, it’s easy to think “gosh, that person over there has 6 kids and a beautiful life and they always look so put together, I have four and feel like I’m sinking!” But then, people say to me “I don’t know how you do it all” and I’m sitting here thinking, I don’t! It’s amazing how things look from someone else’s point of view!

  2. Beautiful styling and totally understand that “image” we portray on social media! I would love for you to be part of my “realmomwednesdays” on Instagram! Check It out! Also crossing my fingers I win 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you, I know that half of the time its only 10% of what is real is being shared on social media.

    1. Yes! It’s hard to remember all the time though! Even sometimes when I see moms out with a bunch of kids and I’m like- wait why can they do that so much more successfully than I can? But, we all struggle and succeed!! Life is all about the ups and the downs.

  4. Perspective changes everything. And a picture may speak a thousand words, but it only tells us about one piece of one moment. The rest of the puzzle is hidden from view. You are so right. There’s always so much more to the story than we know looking on from the outside. And there are always brighter perspectives hiding within. Such a powerful message. Thanks for sharing ?

  5. It’s so true. Nowadays we compare ourselves with each other every second. Not just when we are talking with each other face to face, but also when we are alone on our phones, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. It’s a good reminder that we’re all showing just a glimpse of our lives, and that most of us are only showing the best parts

    1. Yes, it’s so easy to focus on the gloom and forget all the light everyone else can see around you ❤️

  6. Such an honest post, I can relate so much to this. It’s so hard to remember that you only see what people want you to see and not to compare to others. Well said ? Xx

  7. Thank you for being so real and honest. It’s easy to get caught up in everyone else’s rosy looking life not seeing the story behind any of it.

  8. We must all remember that what is seen is not always what is. We should also never be envious of anyone else because usually we are only seeing a facade of what their life is really like.

    1. Exactly! I don’t find myself envious so much as feeling low self worth. But, maybe that’s a form of envy? It’s certainly a form of vanity so I’m working hard to change my attitude- this epiphany helped ❤️

  9. Great post and pic. I share very minimal on my personal social medias mostly due to people’s perspectives on things. Often, I just want to enjoy the moments as they happen and not be concerned with all the noise online.

    1. I try to share a balance but never post to social media out of frustration (anymore- learned that lesson the hard way;).

  10. Love this and I can completely relate! I’m all about sharing both messiness and good times on my blog, but I never want to go too far in either direction. It’s tricky stuff! Love your pictures, BTW. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It’s a hard balance for sure. Life is hard sometimes but it’s also wonderful.

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