Before we begin, I have to admit something. This was far from an original idea (but, who is it that said there are no new ideas?). I’ve seen a couple fashion blogs on similar themes. Hey, it’s new to me. I often ask for input on my outfits but I’ve never let anyone else dress me head to toe. With my birthday looming, I decided that’s just what I’d do. And, so, all week I wore whatever my family members handed me from my closet without question. (Okay, maybe there were a few questions, but, I wore it anyway.)

Day 1: I decided to start youngest to oldest but somehow forgot that I had a baby with opinions too so I just stuck him on the end. We started with my super hero loving, rough and tumble, hoppy three year old. He didn’t waver. He strolled into my closet like he owned the place, pointed at the black floral maxi, and pounced back out. That was quick and easy. On our way out the door to run errands and go to art class he chose my converse because they were the only pink shoes he could find (they have a pink accent). Why he thought pink went with that dress we may never know but hey, they’re comfy so I wasn’t going to question his tastes. 

I felt super comfortable which is my favorite way to feel. It was a little warm for the summer day with the length and the sleeves but the material is very breathable and I made it all day without feeling like I had to change. 

Day 2: On to the 5 year old. She opened up the conversation with “I know you’re probably not going to want to wear this.” Always a positive sign. Surprisingly, when she walked into the closet she decided not to pick my least favorite clothing items (hey it was a shock to me too). Instead, she chose a turquoise hibiscus print dress from Express that I had to that point worn once. I never could get rid of it but I’ve spent the last few summers pregnant or breastfeeding so just hadn’t gotten around to it. It was beautiful and comfortable. She chose the only blue shoes I have to “match.” I normally wouldn’t have put teal and denim blue together but they felt oddly right. She also picked some simple yet blingy jewelry. 

It was the perfect outfit for a mid afternoon summer wedding or an outdoor cocktail hour. The proper attire for a play date with chickens and horses; not so much. However, I took one for the team and explained my get up to my friend with a sheepish grin. Next time, sweats and sneakers for sure. 

Day 3: The 8 year old put the most time, effort, and thought into her outfit. She carefully considered the events of the day. Laid out each item and made sure they color coordinated but stayed comfy for the trip to the zoo. I have to say, this outfit was definitely a winner in appropriateness. I would have probably tucked or knotted the shirt -it’s two or three sizes too big -but I played by the rules. My indecisive girl was fairly adamant that loose and flowy was the way to go.

Later, we met family for a birthday dinner out and she chose my outfit down to the pop of yellow shoes. A sweet friend dropped the beautiful purse by as a gift and my girls instantly paired it with this outfit. I normally don’t change my purse (confession time again: my bags are often photography props) but I made an exception in the name of fashion and the excitement of a new accessory. 

Day 4: This was going to be my husband’s day but then I realized I needed to let the baby pick still- duh. He has an opinion about everything so it was no surprise when he warmed up to the grab things out of mommy’s closet and hand them to her game. What was surprising is what he chose. I think he may have hit the ball out of the park on my favorite wear and I promise, I didn’t even sway him. I literally put on the first three things he touched. I almost broke the rule when he grabbed the long sleeved button up because he’d already picked a shirt. Then, I realized I could layer it and with my comfy grey leggings it was pretty much the perfect around the house casual outfit. 

Since he couldn’t choose accessories easily, I went without them. I did choose my own shoes when I left the house but most of the day I spent lazing about so I didn’t even include them in my outfit pic. By far, this outfit was the most me. I’m still not sure how the baby picked it out of my overstuffed wardrobe but, he did good. 

Day 5: My husband and photographer was waiting for this day all week. He instantly put me in an outfit that he likes a lot. And, I do too. My casual Woodstock tee from target and my all tied up skirt by Tobi. He wouldn’t even stray from my laced up Rockport booties. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog because I’m going to say something about this outfit. It was the worst pick for our day planned and is the only one I didn’t wear all day. Mostly because it wrinkles really easily and we were making fondu and having a Date Night In painting night (stay tuned on my post about that coming soon). 

It’s not that I don’t like this outfit. I do, a lot. It’s really fun and I actually love that he picked the Woodstock tee to go with this fun skirt. My only complaint is that it just wasn’t right for the day. It doesn’t have enough give for lounging about the house and it’s too delicate to wear while chasing after the kids and scrubbing floors. Most of all, I didn’t want to ruin it by spilling acrylic paint on it. So, in all, I probably wore this outfit for maybe 3 hours, but the husband enjoyed every minute of it. 

The takeaway. There is something liberating about giving up control, even if it’s just of your outfit. It was great not having to choose what to put on, yet being surprised and inspired by the picks everyday. Plus, it was fun including my whole family in something I’m passionate about. I love fashion (even if it’s mom fashion), and I like getting dressed (even if it’s only for a Target run). Most of all, I love my family. This project was a way to unite my biggest passions and have fun doing it. 


  1. How cute!!! I love the bonding time that came from your 8-year-old choosing your clothes. And how fun that you let baby play along too. You have such a fun wardrobe to choose from! I kinda really like the maxi with the Converses.

    1. It was so fun! And, I agree. I love the maxi with the converse even though I would never have chosen it myself!

  2. See I know I could never do anything like this because my family would put me in horrendous outfits. However, your fam did a great job. There wasn’t one outfit in there I wouldn’t wear myself.

    1. I was completely prepared for some awful outfits and as you can see from the wrinkles in my husband’s outfit, it wasn’t made for a day of busy. But, we had so much fun. next time I will put the horrendous items closer to the front of the closet haha.

  3. This is such a cute idea! And your family chose great outfits!! It is so true, it is not easy to give up control, even over a thing as small as an outfit but so liberating once we do give up a bit of that control that we are so desperately clinging too!

  4. This is so sweet and really lets the kids feel good about themselves. I remember when my mom would let me pick her outfits and play with her hair. It was a great bonding experfor is both!

  5. I’ve seen those fashion challenges too and always thought they were such a great idea! The love what your kids picked out for you and the intent thought your 8 year old put in is telling.

    1. Yes she was so sweet! My brother says he wants to pick my clothes next week ?? I said no thanks.

  6. This is such a cute idea! I love being in control and this would be a fun way to give some of it up 🙂 I know my daughters would really enjoy this! And maybe I could get a cute new outfit out of it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you ❤️ it was fun for all of us! My soon to be 6 year old just asked me what I was wearing for her birthday and was thrilled when I told her she could choose (also filed under: how you know your mom is a fashion blogger).

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