Disclaimer: you do not need a safeword when viewing this blog. See my first and second posts on this Shades of Grey series and don’t even think of saying the word 50.

I’m going around and around the trends this summer and sampling a lot (some a little more outside my comfort zone than others). I’ve found a lot that I love: stripes, kimonos, even rompers. But, here’s one thing I’ve learned, I’m going to head back to the classics when it’s through. That’s where grey comes into play. I can throw on a maxi or a pencil skirt and love it. Send me all the florals and I’ll sport them like a garden. Geo prints? Love them. Bright colors, faded denim, wide legs, and slimming tops. I can do it all. But, what am I wearing on the daily? Solid, basic, comfy pieces. That’s where this comes in. 
It’s not dramatic or exotic. It’s feminine and flirty and a little interesting with the uncovered back (which I covered as I was headed to Church, not the beach). Beside all that, it’s comfy. It’s basically a sweatsuit dressed up as real clothes and who can’t get on board with that? (I know I can!) What stands out about this piece is that it doesn’t stand out. It’s grey, the most blend into the background color you can get (maybe that’s why I like it, I’ll have to ask my therapist). 

That’s the key. It’s a basic piece with an interesting design. I can wear it with my sophisticated heels or my gladiator flats. It could go with warm tans or cool blacks. I could wear my hair tousled down or in a mom bun. The accessories? Take your pick. Everything goes with this dressupable casual piece. 

If you take away one thing from this blog, take this: you can do trends without straying from your comfort zone and maybe that’s the best way to do them. So whether or not you decide to jump on the romper trend, swing with all the dresses, or stripe it up: be true to you. Because there’s nothing worse than a lonely piece that never leaves the hanger. Be beautiful; be fabulous; but most of all, be you. 

Jumpsuit: Loft

Shoes: Lucky Brand


    1. Ha no, grey pulls blue or purple so it may be the lighting but if we took them indoors in white lights, they would be very grey. This jumpsuit is very very dark grey. The walls in the office are grey as well but we painted the basement the exact same color and it looks blue down there.

    1. Thank you! The jumpsuit is sooo comfy. My favorite trend this year especially when it comes in cotton!!

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