No, not like that. This is two of four or five (not 50, see post one) shades and this time I decided to go head to toe. When I first saw this skirt, I thought, well I don’t know, but it grew on me until I had to have it. I was not disappointed. One thing to note is that this material is very easily wrinkled (and very light, I don’t think it would hold up to daily wear so it’s a special occasion feature). I steam before I wear and don’t let a few wrinkles bother me (I have four kids, it could be a lot worse). I meant to wear it with a white pocket tee and that’s so going to happen (maybe even with the rock & roll shoes I just ordered, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?). But, today I was feeling the grey so I decided to wear these Rockport heels again, it really gave me a solid mono look (mono in fashion is good, in high school- not so good).
I’d like to tell you what my favorite piece here was but I couldn’t. This silky Loft tee is pretty much the perfect piece. It’s loose and flowy but it also tucked beautifully into my skirt. It looks fab with a pair of cut offs and over a pair of leggings. There’s nothing I love more than a versatile piece of clothing. 

This skirt by Tobi. It’s something. It hugs all my curves just right. I recently learned I have an hourglass figure (after spending my whole life thinking I was a pear, who knew but my hip and bust measurements are exactly the same). The pencil skirt was definitely made for those dimensions and this twist had me all tied up (okay, okay, I’ll stop with the puns, maybe). 

I talked about the shoes last time I did a post so I’ll just say, they’re amazing. They have all the style of a gladiator with a twist: laces and peep toes and kitten heels: oh my.

Is this look a staple in my wardrobe? Yes and no. There is nothing wrong with a maxi and I actually can’t wait to wear this again. It’s not stretchy and that puts it out for easy play dates but I have a feeling my photographer wouldn’t say no to another photo shoot featuring this. 

Until then,

Skirt: Tobi

Shirt: Loft, old

Shoes: Rockport


  1. This look is great on you! I’m not very daring in my wardrobe and it’s posts like this that have me thinking of stepping up my game. It’s fun to get dressed up (at least every now and then!)

    1. Yes! This is for sure not an everyday look for me either but it was fun trying something new!

    1. Thank you!! It’s old-ish- I think it was from Macy’s?? $5 with new tags. Can’t beat that.

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