Pieces featured here care of Thacker NYC:

Suede Jacket (spring jackets)

Shirt Dress

Flowy Tank (similar)

Denim Leggings

Suede Bucket Bag

***Note in the last pictures I tucked the Shirt Dress into the denim jeggings to create another look and cuffed the leggings under which gave me a sleeker line with those booties.

No, I’m not talking about my mood (though the weather’s not helping). I’m feeling the blue in my capsule thanks to Thacker NYC. I didn’t even realize when I chose these pieces that I was head to toe blue. But, navy is a good neutral and a monochrome look is effortlessly classic. Choosing a neutral color palette is an essential element of building a capsule (read more about what a capsule wardrobe is here).

Speaking of capsuling, I love Thacker NYC because all of their pieces coordinate and make mixing and matching a breeze. This is just a little snippet of the pieces they offer but it illustrates how they focus on timeless cuts, high quality fabrics, and comfortable designs. In fact, their collection captures the essence of capsuling by allowing women to streamline their closets. I also feel like the pieces I chose fit seamlessly (no pun intended;) into my revamped closet and color scheme.

The stand out piece from my picks has to be this amazing suede jacket. It feels like butter and fits like a glove. It makes me feel a little more put together when I slide this jacket over a casual tee and it looks just as gorgeous paired with a dress or skirt. That’s the great thing about looking at your wardrobe as a whole. When you have great solid pieces as a base, it’s so easy to make different outfits by mixing pieces.

With all this blue, I wouldn’t wear these looks back to back (though mixing the pieces with other closet essentials, I certainly could). However, I want to show you how a few staples can help you stretch your wardrobe with varied styling. Adding a belt to a shirt dress can give your look some interest so you can wear the same dress over and over without feeling redundant- as seen here in white on my good friend Mary, the shirt dress straight off the rack looks amazing too. I’m looking forward to showing the true versatility of these pieces as I incorporate them into my own wardrobe. (See here and here to peek at the fabulous jacket at work).

Building your closet is all about finding quality, functional pieces that take you through all your daily activities. You don’t have to capsule to focus on a solid color palette and timeless items. Whether it’s work or play, Thacker’s cohesive line provides you all you need for a fabulous wardrobe.


  1. Wow I absolutely loooooove that shirt dress and jacket! Stunning pieces! I think it’s so important to invest in quality items especially as we get older. These are lovely and you look beautiful!

  2. I feel like I could wear these as a busy Mom and look fashionable, comfortable & chase my kiddos all at the same time! Love how you included so many pictures of the outfits to show how they look from different perspectives. It’s nice to be able to see how the outfit “flows” in different situations.

  3. I love it!! I’ve been wearing a rotation of black, gray, blue, white for a while it seems like! You styled these looks so well. They look effortless and still pulled together! Mist importantly, totally relateable styles that are really versatile!

    1. Thanks sweet mama! Neutrals are just so easy as a mom. And the darker colors don’t even show when your baby throws spaghetti on you.

  4. Girl, you make this dress look completely fabulous! I need to try the different ways you styled it. I was boring and kept it plain ha!

  5. This particular shade of vibrant blue is definitely my thing. It’s so regal that you always feel a little fancy !

  6. I absolutely love how you pair your blues with brown detail, it definitely makes the outfits come together. Just goes to show how versatile blue is! <3

    1. I’m in love with this jacket too! Thacker is really great! I’m definitely in love!

  7. I love that shirt dress. You could pair it up in so many ways. Changing the colors of shoes and belts. What a fun piece. I also like the jacket.

  8. Wow, I love how many different looks you can get out of this! I love capsule wardrobes, and need to check this one out!

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