Our mid day slumber party (gotta get the best light, duh) was sponsored with gifted PJs from Aventura Clothing and the coziest slippers care of Bearpaw. Both brands are determined to make our world just a little bit better just like these fabulous girls.

Re: my last post on the 90’s, I really should have titled this series, the LA Confessionals. Could have, would have, should have, oh well. Next time. This time I’m going to give you a play by play wrap up except at a macular level.

Here goes:

We woke up.

Drank coffee.

Did our makeup for a mid morning pj party with Aventura and Bearpaw.

Drove around.

Ate Soul food.

Drank more coffee.

Took lots of pictures in between.

Went home.

Did our makeup again.

Took more pictures with fab shoes from ABEO.

Went to Hollywood.

Ate again.

Went home.

Slept (or at least tried to- darn insomnia).

Went home for real.

Want more details? Probably not because how interesting is a road (or air) trip to those who didn’t go? The long and short of it is we ate, we drank (coffee, do you see a theme?), we laughed, we took pictures. We did a little sight seeing in which I discovered LA has too much traffic, smog, and way too many people for me. My husband was really worried I was going to get the travel bug- safe to say I’m happy to be home.

Confession time. Have you ever been in a huge group and felt completely alone? That’s how I feel most of the time. It’s funny because I’m fine at small talk. I like to smile at people when I think of it (sometimes I don’t and I have major RBF- sorry). I talk way too much especially when I’m uncomfortable. And, if I’m out of my element (eg my house basically) I’m probably at least somewhat uncomfortable. It’s not that I didn’t have fun – because I totally did. I met some amazing girls and I wish I could see them every darn day! But, I also felt like I was walking around in a cloud, missing a few limbs (have I mentioned I hadn’t been away from my husband or children that long our whole married life?).

I know some of you may think all these confessions make me a small person in a very small world. But, I just don’t need these things to make me happy. Some people dream of far off places, I just don’t. I can’t think of witty way to describe it so I’ll just say I’m content being a homebody. But, here’s to being a homebody with a group of amazing shoes…I mean girl…girls in shoes, shoes by ABEO from The Walking Company.

Run, don’t walk, to Gozon Boutique to take advantage of amazing deals going on right now! Thank you, Gozon, for the amazing style- our dresses and shirts above were all sent for us to feature on our night out on the town.

  • Good shoes always make me feel a little more at home, wherever I am. That’s why I was happy to slip into my rockstar boots (c/o ABEO from the Walking Company) to strut down the Hollywood walk of fame. It’s no surprise that I was wearing them again just two days later but this time I was walking the benches of the playground (see my post here). Girl friends are the best. And, I’m so glad we got to meet up, share our style (all unique thanks to a 1,300 pair of shoe selection from ABEO), and our lives. But, what I’m even more glad, is that when I’m at home, tucked into my own bed, each of these fab ladies is no more than a click away.
  • The best way to describe my lack of wanderlust comes from the song “Tightrope” from the Greatest Showman. It’s my fave and it starts off “Some people long for a life that is simple and planned, tied with a ribbon” – I’m some people. And ya know, I’m pretty okay with that.

    A huge thank you to all the companies who sponsored our LA trip with gifted items and a special thank you to ABEO from The Walking Company for letting our individuality stand out in a crowd.

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