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Fall has sprung. Wait, that’s not right. But, fall is definitely here. This year, it was a balmy 70 something on Halloween and I wasn’t complaining but it’s nice to be able to pull out my warm, cozy scarves. Yes, I’m going to be living in scarves. I don’t like coats for some reason so a comfy sweater and something warm around the neck is as bundled up as I get unless it’s really really cold where I’m going. Get this, I used to wear flip flops year round. In fact, one year my sister in law bought me fuzzy flip flop slippers. I may or may not have worn them to class in the snow. But, now, I’m old and I have figured out what size is good for my feet and I can afford nice shoes (good shoes are an investment in your joints just FYI and keeping your heels under 3 inches is good for your knees). These knee high boots from Jambu tick all the boxes: comfort, style, weatherproof.

You may have noticed by now I’m a little obsessed with all things Jambu, and for good reason. They make comfy shoes you can wear in (or out) of the mud. I am still wearing my flat duck boots (see this post and that post) often but these black Mayfair boots are a little more dressed up. Plus, I’m into black right now. You’ll notice that as we head into the holidays and I wear black, black, and…you guessed it, black. This year, I’m focusing on building a solid wardrobe in colors I want to wear. Or at least one color.

Let’s talk about why you should choose a base color for your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be black but it should be a neutral that compliments your skin tone (don’t know what your skin tone is? Check out this easy test– vein color plus hair and eye color = season, according to this I’m a winter). My skin tone works with most colors so cool or warm (I think this is because I’m a winter with bright green eyes which means I’m really on the fence of the skin tone worlds, I gravitate toward cool tones though). It can depend on my mood, but I think blacks and reds compliment my coloring the best. So, I tend to gravitate toward black, grey, blush, and pale tans for my wardrobe. I do like to throw a good rich brown shoe in there every now and again but right now, my heart is black.

Building your wardrobe around one color:

  1. Makes it VERSATILE.
  2. Makes shopping EASY.
  3. SAVES you money.
  4. Means you need FEWER clothes.

Having a base color that compliments your skin tone means you can shop easily for accessories (check out these small shop made custom bracelet stacks by Arely Designs) that go with multiple outfits. I have only a handful of scarves and they match all my coats, cardigans, and basic formula outfits. When you know the color you gravitate toward wearing, you can buy staple pieces (like this classic black top gifted from Aventura) in that color. Spend less on trends in accent colors, saving you money and space in your closet. This is a major premise for the idea of capsule wardrobing. I don’t quite do that (as a fashion blogger I am often gifted clothes and shoes making it hard to resist swapping them out often) but as a work in progress, I do have a goal of only adding pieces I love to my closet.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I’m ready for Winter. Plus, Santa is coming! Oh and Tom the Turkey (a Thanksgiving tradition involving a small tacky turkey and a movie for the kids- why do I do these things to myself?). Get ready to see all the ways you can jazz up black for the holidays and keep your eyes out for a very exciting giveaway (spoiler alert it’s with Jambu– because everyone needs comfy weatherproof shoes for Christmas).

A huge thank you to Jambu the one stop shop for comfortable boots for women for sponsoring this post. Use code MOMMY18 for 15% off.

And, to Aventura Clothing for keeping me in comfy eco-friendly clothes as an Ambassador. Use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your first order.


  1. I love this idea! The funny thing is I think I totally unintentionally built my wardrobe around green, so it’s perfect when coordinating different outfits. Great Ready!

  2. I’ve known for years that I’m an autumn and know I can wear all colors if they are the right tone. Will look into Jambi. Thanks

    1. Ooh that’s a good point! Gotta find the right shade!! ❤️❤️❤️ Jambu is amazing- you’ll love them!

    1. Aww thank you Ruth!!! Day old hair holds those curls so well! ❤️❤️❤️ I love these boots too. Black is always a yes ?

  3. Oh, my! Those boots are fantastic in every way. I am going to have to keep my eye out for that giveaway ? What movie do your kiddos watch on Thanksgiving? I’d love to add a movie to our bag-o-fun…its going to be a long day for us. ❤ Nicole

  4. Everyone does need comfy weatherproof shoes for Christmas! I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully Santa (aka my hubby) finds me a lovely pair this year ;). Jocking aside, he actually is really awesome at finding shoes for me. Total win!

    You look amazing Jamie! And I adore those boots. I hope they keep your toes nice and warm. Black is also a lovely colour on you ♡. I jope you have fun buiksing a wardrobe around it!

    Sending tons of love your way. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you lovely! I don’t even think of going too far outside the box on colors for shoes because I know what I like: black and brown ???

  5. These boots look so cozy and warm. I am sure your feet are super happy every time you wear them! Jamba has been killing it lately and with all the new line of shoes they have, I don’t know where to start. Black is a favorite color of mine. It’s classy, timeless and overall, my color choice when I have no idea what to wear. Love the plaid scarf! It’s a nice way to add color but also stay warm. Happy weekend!

    Maureen |

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