Ummm. No Top: c/o Thread Tank, Cardi: Asterisk Boutique; Booties: c/o ABEO at The Walking Company (thank you for inspiring me to strut my 90s loving stuff)

Lately, I’m obsessed and well so is everyone else. The 90s are making a comeback. I even saw cassette tapes at Target the other day- what are they going to do next, bring back the radio? I recently heard someone say if you were alive for the trend the first time, you shouldn’t wear it the second round. Say it ain’t so…no really, I’m on a Weezer kick lately. Fashion is art. There are no rules in art. Otherwise Picasso would have never been a thing. So, does that make me a follower, jumping on the 90s fashion bandwagon or a rebel without a cause (in my 30s and loving it)?

Aviator sunglasses: c/o Shady Rays (I love a brand with a mission and they donate meals to the hungry for every sale made)

The truth is, I grew up in the 90s. But, I didn’t have the means to trend out the way I do now. I went to catholic school (which was expensive, you all!). I wore a uniform. I listened to Offspring and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I would not say I was trending, unless you consider stirrup pants the height of fashion (well, I mean the scrunchy made a comeback so it’s fair game). I guess I’m still not the most trendy gal on the block, but I am redoing the 90s, only better. Now, I’m comfortable with myself – buh bye teenage angst. And, if you don’t like my jeans, I don’t care (okay, okay I kinda care but I’m going to tell myself I don’t until I believe it, 90s style).

Flannel: c/o Aventura Clothing (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your first order); Jeans: c/o The Mint Julep Boutique (don’t forget to sign up for email to get $10 off your first order); Booties: c/o ABEO from The Walking Company (inspiring personal style every day with their huge selection of shoes)

You, too, can rock the 90s 2018 style. Here’s how.

  1. Start with a good dose of attitude. Confidence looks good on everyone.

  2. Choose your favorite trend and jazz it up. Ripped jeans, flannel and graphic tees, or round toed shoes (my feet thank me for this one).

  3. Find a good old fashioned graffiti covered wall and strike a pose. For Instagram of course, I mean it didn’t happen in 2018 if you didn’t document it on social media.

  4. Be true to your own personal style. If there’s one thing that can be said about the 90s it’s that people didn’t give a – well – you know what.

ABEO footwear at The Walking Company is one of my new obsessions. I love that they literally carry everything from mommy chic to 90s garage band grunge (really, these shoes may not be everyone’s cup of trendy tee but I’m loving the zipper details, rounded toe, and the uneven rouching- authentically imperfect rocker chic). I was lucky enough to wear these boots down the Hollywood Walk of Fame with six other fabulous instababes. The thing that stood out the most was how all seven of us were able to find our own style amidst the wide variety of options. So if this doesn’t fit your everyday lifestyle, worry not, there is something (or in my case, 100 somethings;), perfect for you. LA weekend wrap up with ABEO is coming soon.

Babes, rock on to your own beat. Because, in the end, it’s really the only one that matters.


    1. Right? I mean that’s what I don’t get when people say they don’t want the 90s to come back!!! There were so many cute styles that just weren’t styled right, ya know? Ha ?? love all your decade styles babe!

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