Thank you SAS Shoes for sponsoring our walk down Santa Monica pier and keeping us in style that feels good! I’m wearing the Sonyo kitten heels in black.

The first post I gave to you like a diary but I didn’t title it a diary. Why? Because, confession number two, I’m decidedly indecisive. I can’t pin point a writing style any more than I can decide on a decade. The only thing I’m decisive about is that I don’t have time to be uncomfortable. I have four kids, a busy husband, and a somewhat successful instagram career (ha, or something). This next post? I’m going to introduce you to some girls and give you a run down on day two in LA with a little bit of SAS thrown in for good measure (ah look at that at least I’m consistently punny right?).

What do you get when you throw seven instagram influencers in one house with an abundance shoes? A whole lot of style. We may come from different walks of life with different ideas of what we like to wear, but we all agree on one thing: style feels good (thanks for the fab slogan, SAS). And, it sure did feel good walking down the pier in Santa Monica with six other ladies who love fashion (and the Gram) as much as I do.

When we started chatting about this meet up, I never could have imagined how real it would be to hang with these beautiful ladies. From small boutique owner, Ana (the fiery red head), to our leggy pilot, Kali (in the hat), our group hailed from all over the map with unique ambitions covering the charts as well. Becca (the brunette in braids) is as down to earth as they come. I never saw that mama to one little girl without a smile. Carissa (the tall blonde) renewed her passport to make the trek from Canada just for our get together. She never saw a silence she couldn’t fill (sometimes just as awkwardly as I do- probably my favorite thing about her). Ruth (the petite one) is or resident thrifting expert with her own unique style. She inspires us all. And, last but certainly not least, Mary (the one with the fab blonde hair) is the collab queen and a real life army wife. She inspires me with her kindness and generosity every day.

I’ve enjoyed watching each of these women grow over the last two years in their own unique style (and not just fashion). We had so much fun learning each other’s quirks one on one (like who knew Carissa loved to eat so much or bright chatty Ana could be the silent observer). At lunch right before this shoot, we went around and said all the nice things about each other (Ana’s idea). Sweet Ruth teared up at all the things while I made inappropriate quips about all the hot legs we have in our group (for real though- all these girls look good!). Each one of these women holds a place in my heart and inspires me in their own unique way.

I have to be honest, this whole trip was not in my comfort zone but these women are my safe place. Whether we’re strolling down the boardwalk in our favorite SAS styles or chatting it up on instagram, I know there’s one place where style (and friendship) always feels good.


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