Otter shoes: c/o Ikiki – use code mommyinflats10 for 10% off your order and free shipping. This post was sponsored by Ikiki but only because they offered to send me these amazing shoes and I couldn’t (would never want to) say no. All thoughts and opinions are always my own- I never recommend products I don’t love. 

I can’t help turning my favorite songs (though Alanis and favorite may not belong in the same sentence, I’m still bitter about her use of “ironic”) into a blog title and by now you should know how much I love a good pun. Well, okay, I even love a bad pun (you probably know that too). And, if you’ve been following me for a while you also know how much I love these squeak on squeak off shoes from Ikiki (use code mommyinflats10 to get 10% off and free shipping/exchanges). So do my kids. In fact, once the boys found out they were getting these new releases, I heard nothing but “where my otter shoes” for the whole two days it took them to get here (their shipping is fast you all).

Here’s what’s new: the front of the shoes are designed to be more scuff resistant. I haven’t tested this out completely but I’ll be honest, I like a shoe with a little bit of scuff- it’s cool. They’re lived in. Anyone else remember the days when it was totally uncool to have white sneakers- I’m still living in the nineties and embracing the scuffs. That said, my two year old did keep his squeaky (pun intended;) clean. The four year old, he walks on his funny including on his tippy toes. They’re going to be lived in no matter how they’re treated. The second major difference in this new release is the extended velcro. This mom is giving this improvement two thumbs up. I love how wide the design is from the get go because I don’t know about your kids but all of mine have had chubby short little feet and baby shoe designers have not figured this out. Ikiki has. But now, you can get a snugger fit at the ankle with the extended velcro. That’s essential for a good fit and protecting little legs from falls and spills.

The shoes are still outfitted with the same squeaker technology that makes them great for the play ground (squeak on) and fabulous for Church (squeak off). So, you know that these shoes squeak but do you know why? I didn’t but I wish I did. The squeak is positive reinforcement for littles (who love squeaky things- hello Sophie the Giraffe) to walk heel to toe. Why is this important? Ask my tippy toe walking seven year old. Gosh she’s getting tired of people telling her to put her heel down. Did you know children’s tendens can shorten if they walk on tippy toes, making it impossible for them to walk correctly (this same thing happens to women who wear only high heels which is why it’s always a good idea to give your arches a break)? If you have a tip toe walker, definitely get yourself some Ikiki.

So, I don’t usually write posts that sound like ads (or do I?) but I really can’t say enough about how much I love these shoes. They’re part of our everyday life. We can’t leave the house without our “fox shoes” these days and we’re happy to have an Otter option now (baha I’m sorry I know- all the puns, I get it from my Dad).


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