Dragon Squeaky shoes (though don’t tell Wild Thing- he thinks they’re Dinos): c/o Ikiki use code Mommyinflats10 for 10% off and free shipping

That’s how it goes right? Or at least it does in our house. The four year old would read the Dino encyclopedia everyday – if he could find someone to read it to him anyway. The baby? He’s obsessed with anything with paws though I was taken off guard with this decision to go with Fox shoes over puppy ones but he has never wavered.

Those boys adore each other. Ignore the faces and swatting. That’s what happens when you wake small people up to take pictures.

If you haven’t read my review on Ikiki shoes– do it. They’re adorable and the squeak on squeak off switch is ingenious. The squeakers are amazing for the playground and walks in the wood- not as fab at Sunday church. The design however? Always on point and definitely my boys’ favorite picks. The support is perfect for growing feet (you’ve heard me talk about support in shoes- it starts at first step- a good shoe sets you up for proper alignment). With the huge selection of cute characters, there’s sure to be one for even the pickiest kiddo.

Fox Sqeakies: c/o Ikiki use code Mommyinflats10 for 10% off your order and free shipping!

In other news, baby Hey J is talking up a storm. When did that happen? I’ve had a few friends comment on his full sentences. He seems all grown up when he looks at me with his big eyes and says very clearly “I missed you mommy!!” Every time I walk in the room. It seems the more kids I have, the more I forget what’s normal. (I’ll admit we’re also somewhat sheltered with the kiddos not having a ton of playmates these days- we used to play weekly- now I’m lucky if we make it to a get together once a month!). So, two years old? Speaking in full sentences? Normal or gifted? I mean I’m just going to go with genius. To put it into perspective the seven year old still counts “12, 14, 15” – I mean you can’t win them all, right?

Daddy’s shoes: c/o Oliberte (the first fair trade certified shoe company)

Mommy’s shoes: c/o ABEO from The Walking Company (orthotics with style)

I’m still struggling with what to share with you these days. We have so much fun taking pictures and my kiddos get almost as excited as I do over new shoes (really, look at those just woken from naps faces!!!), but my mind? It’s blank. Luckily, I think the hubby’s photography speaks for itself and if you want to hear some quick quips, check out my instagram. Otherwise, bear with me, this whole phase may pass eventually because life does go on. Memories of little feet and little squeaks will be ones I cherish.


  1. Hmmmmm. Those squeaks are a good idea for another little guy I know! How is the width? That’s where we run into issues with shoes…..

    1. They’re really wide actually. Their perfect because they’re wide for chubby baby feet but they have the Velcro which makes them work for my baby’s tiny feet too. Though- we tend to have short chubby feet here.

  2. These shoes are the cutest! I love the design. And the squeak on squeak off option must be a total godsend! You are so right – there is a time and place for the squeakies (and a time and place where they totally don’t work ?). Love it!

    And goodness they grow up so fast! It must be amazing to witness. Good job on your little one speaking so well! I’ll go with pure genius ?.

    Wishing you a beautiful day hun ♡. Sending tons of love!

    1. Of course I think they’re all geniuses- most days. Others the 10 year old asks me if they speak English with an accent in Italy or if there’s an Italy language (where did I go wrong??) bahaha.

  3. What a couple of cuties in their new kicks! My 2 year old daughter would love shoes that squeak. What a cool feature to be able to turn them on and off! Oh and I’d go with genius, without hesitation 😉

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