Dress: c/o Gozon (similar) – use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your entire order; Booties: c/o ABEO from the Walking Company; Bag: c/o Tall Pine Mercantile; Cardigan: Amazon (size up for a looser fit, I’m normally a small and I ordered Medium and it’s perfect)

In my introduction to the Transition series, I confessed that I’m a little blocked up. If you’ve ever had writer’s block you know how uncomfortable it can be. Normally, I have all these visions and ideas swimming around in my head just begging to be let out. Right now? Not so much. And, where does that leave me? With a head full of thoughts with nowhere to go. I mean I still have the thoughts, they’re just not interesting or cohesive. Some people call it mom brain. I call it inconvenient for a blogger.

We’ve had a lot going on. We’re not just transitioning to Fall but to a whole new way of life. We’ve joined a part time homeschool co-op and I find myself giving up a lot of my freedom. We just finished a hard summer and I’m still trying to sort out how to go on in the next chapter of my life (I experienced deep loss for the first time this summer in a way I never could have expected or prepared for). Which is why Transition is a somewhat complicated topic for me. Thank God for fashion and shoes. Because literally, when I need a bit of complete frivolity and meaninglessness, I look no further than my (overly full) closet.

Don’t get me wrong- we need clothes and a good pair of shoes is important (it can make or break your body so always splurge on good footwear). But, it’s simple and enjoyable and uncomplicated (if it’s not, it doesn’t live in my closet). It’s a distraction from the ordinary daily grind. From motherhood- which can be wonderfully beautiful but also lonely and exhausting. In the midst of all these thoughts circling my head and maybe making little sense, I’m slowly trading out my shorts for long pants and my minis for maxis. There are two easy ways to take a summer dress to fall fabulous.

  1. Booties

  2. Cardigans

Summer with bright tan, sandals and bare shoulders:

Fall: Richer Browns, booties, and covered arms:

Note: both of these looks use the same basic formula with tan accessories because I like that color. The way to go from summer to fall is by switching up the pale honey hues to rich bourbons and dark caramels. Another thing to keep in mind is skin tone- browns work for me but your color might be charcoal or black. You can keep your favorite colors from season to season and still create interesting looks.

Both cardigans and booties take up substantial real estate in my closet because they are essential to transitional fashion and extending the wearability of your seasonal clothing. These beautiful booties by ABEO footwear are light enough to endure Indian Summer with enough coverage to get you through crisp days and chilly nights. The color is a rich tan which is perfect for summer to fall to spring again. With the perforation, I don’t expect to wear these in winter but they could be cute with a colorful thick sock as well.

I think I’m going to have to tackle a whole second post to get all of my fall shoes covered this year. Moving on to cardigans. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found I much prefer to be cool to being hot but I also am rarely seen indoors without an extra layer (I’m the type who’d rather put on a sweater than turn off my fan). This season, chunky cardigans are definitely in and I love this chenille one from Gozon. However, I also love a good light cardi as they’re perfect for layering and for breezy warm days. I got this tan one off amazon for a steal and they have them in all the colors (I might too). My one gripe is that they don’t have pockets- how can anything be missing pockets???? Also, they don’t seem like they will last forever but at that price, I don’t expect them to.

Another trend is the longer sweater- gone are the days of cropped cardis (funny because tops and sweatshirts are getting shorter hems). Long and loose are in, short and fitted are out. I think shorter cardigans cut your figure up too much especially if they have a gathered hem. Dusters (calf length) are the thing but I tend to like ones that sit right about mid thigh. Head to the store and try all the styles and see what suits you.

Who else is ready to transition to fall? I may be but the weather hasn’t quite figured it out. Still praying for those affected by the recent hurricane and hoping that the rain is over for a little while so we can enjoy some crisp fall weather!


  1. This is such a great dress! You did an awesome job of transitioning it for the new season! I hope you are having a fun week!

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