Sandals: c/o Roan Footwear; Bag: c/o Thacker NYC; Sunnies: c/o Shady Rays

It’s that time. The weather is sticking to the upper 80s or so (eek I think it’s been hotter so far this month than all the rest of summer) here but I know fall is coming. And, it’s time to transition my wardrobe. The one thing I miss most during the winter is showing my toes because I find sandals to be the most comfy shoes ever. So, I’m not giving up summer all together. This year, I’m all about the transitional footwear- more on that coming soon- maybe a la Five Feet for Fall? Could be just what I need for my blogger’s block. Seriously, this is going to be brief (though I’m not known for brevity); this mama’s brain is mush.

Back to the topic at hand: transitional season footwear. Going from hot to cold and back means you may not be ready to trade in your flip flops for knee high boots. When the seasons begin to change, I start itching to change out my wardrobe but sometimes it’s not appropriate for the weather. I love these shoedals (I made up a word;) by Roan because it’s more than a sandal but not a full shoe either. I have a few more weeks (months please if You’re listening up there!!) to show off my pedicure (though not this one- I went to fall colors too early and never did commit to making this one stick- that takes layers a top coat). This style is actually really popular right now and these are my favorite because the color is perfect (I love the wash, right?) and the fit is amazing. I tried a similar pair from another brand and they were too big, I went down half a size- still too big! These ones are wide across the front of the foot but they’re just the right length which works perfectly for me. No pinching or sliding, makes me feel like Goldilocks.

It feels right to be thinking of transition right now. I’m kind of at that place in life. Transitioning from one season to another. It’s been a sad and hard summer. Life is like that though, you have to just keep chugging on right? A good pair of shoes (or should I say shoedals?) helps.


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