If you missed my first post, head over and read about how I chalk painted my kitchen cabinets in four short months. If not, read on and see how our taste evolved and our kitchen transformed in just 10 years.

What our kitchen looked like when we first moved in (after painting- yes I chose that color- eek).

Ten years and a whole lot of work later.

No kidding. I’m not a very good planner apparently. When we moved in ten years ago, we painted a couple rooms. My taste has changed so much. The bright orange and autumn gold were not cutting it. A couple years ago, we hired a painter to do our double foyer (we couldn’t do it ourselves) and pretty much the entire first level. I still couldn’t settle on one color for the whole house but I have kept it to greys and blues mostly with a splash of creamy yellow for our homeschool room (I’m now wishing I’d stuck with blue grey in there a little but what can you do- the only thing I’m decisive about is that I’m indecisive). The kitchen is Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore. From there, we gradually replaced curtains and added a new set of French doors. We even changed out the light fixtures. None of this happened in a hurry though. I like to spend a little here and there on projects instead of planning and doing it all at once like normal people.

Eat in Kitchen Evolution:

When I decided (on a whim) to paint our cabinets with chalk paint, I never imagined that would lead to a new table and chairs. But, with our newly modern living space (I also recently replaced our couch and redecorated our family room- peek here), I felt like the country style kitchen table and chairs just didn’t flow.

How to DIY your Kitchen on a budget:

  1. Take it slow. It’s easier to budget for light fixtures one month and paint another instead of trying to tackle it all at once. If you’re a planner, you can do the work all at once by setting aside a budget for the reno gradually. This doesn’t work for me because I tend to be sporadic about my redecorating and I don’t have time to do it all at once anyway (unless I hired someone and that’s not money I want to spend unless it’s painting- I hate painting).

  2. Shop online. This is so much easier and allows you to compare prices and items and get the best for your money. I used Joss & Main for my new chairs. Amazon for my table and lights. And, I Pinterest’d paint colors up one side and down another (though to choose you really need samples- those paint chips are useless!). The exception to online buys are deals. For example, I got the Bed & Breakfast sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby for under $20. I had been looking for something to go in that space above the window for years but didn’t know quite what. The sign goes with my antique/vintage farmhouse meets mid century modern style and it was inexpensive, double win.

  3. Stay classic. When I painted my kitchen the first time, I chose the ugliest colors. Yellow with gold trim. What was I thinking? When you’re on a budget, the last thing you want to do is go trendy or extreme in the color department. For longevity sake, choose light, neutral colors and design with staying power. With four kids, I don’t expect anything to last forever, which is why I prefer to go less expensive on the furniture (believe me, the kids can ruin even the sturdiest pieces- sigh) and that’s where I can use a little creativity if I want.

  4. Go with it. Take advantage of inspiration when choosing design elements for your home. I express my love of antiques with my modge podge of plaques and florals that cover my pantry wall. I love clean whites but also have eclectic tastes when it comes to finishes which is how I ended up with chalk painted cabinets.

For me, with four kids, I don’t have boundless time and energy to devote to home renovation. So, when the mood strikes, I take advantage of it to accomplish as much work as possible but I don’t worry if I don’t finish it on any sort of timeline. One thing I’m learning as I age, things don’t have to be done five minutes ago. It’s okay to take it slow and enjoy the now.

I thought I’d add some links to things I used- I don’t get a commission or anything but in case you’re wondering:

Cabinet Paint: Rustoleum Chalked Paint and Sealant (see first post here)

Table: Amazon (this table is already showing scratches, I would have bought an old school veneer one if I could have found it but since I couldn’t this will do but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it)

Upholstered chairs: Joss & Main (sound out)

White chairs: Joss & Main (sold out)

Curtains: Sewed them from fabric from Joann’s and bought the sheers from Bed Bath and Beyond a couple years ago

Island Light: Joss & Main

Chandelier: Amazon

Stool: Vintage (similar) – note, there were two, the second one didn’t survive the 7 year old

Everything else was gathered over the years from stores (okay let’s be honest, probably target) or flea markets. If you’re interested in a particular item I might be able to point you in the right direction (unless you want the turtles- we just found those in my parent’s pool).

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