Rain coat: c/o Thacker NYC; Striped top: c/o Amelia James; Jeans: Silver Jeans (old); Sandals: c/o Jambu (use code MOMMY18 for 15% off your entire purchase)

For real! This has been the rainiest summer the east coast has ever seen. I believe I read somewhere that some areas got half as much rain in one week as they normally got all year! No wonder there’s been flooding and water damage galore. I’m thanking God that it looks like the hurricane that was supposed to hit the coast and dump us with massive winds and rainfall, seems to have lost steam. One thing we don’t need right now is more rain (though I know some of you are wishing we could share and quite honestly, so am I!).

One thing I’ve noticed with all this rain is that I don’t have any warm weather rain shoes. I have weatherproof boots that I wear in rain and snow in the winter. I have sandals that are fit for wearing by the pool and the beach. But, not a pair of specific rain shoes made for the summer. What is this? An opportunity to get creative. I may not have rubber wellies but I do have a pair of rubber wedged sandals c/o Jambu. They are so comfy they don’t even feel like heels- between the stretchy sides and the amazing build of the heel. I know- I’m supposed to be wearing flats. But, the thing is, if you wear flats in the rain your foot gets wet even if it’s not raining. Now, I don’t mind a few sprinkles on my feet but I don’t want to be soaked. That’s the reason these worked as rain shoes today. The thick sole lifted my feet well off the pavement and away from the puddles.

The problem I’ve found with some sandals in the rain, is that they’re slippery. Oh I’ve slid around in shoes more times than I can think of. These wedges have the perfect amount of traction for slick surfaces and the zipper and Velcro keep your foot solid. This is good for your joints. Being a recipient of poor knee cap stability, supportive shoes are a big deal to me. Protecting the longevity of your muscles, joints, and alignment start with your feet.

Now, I wouldn’t go tromping through the mud in these shoes but they did save me from soggy feet at the library and grocery store. The fun thing about fashion is the creativity it inspires. I never would have thought of a sandal as a rain shoe until today. Have you ever looking inside your closet to think outside the (shoe) box?

Hope you’re staying safe wherever you are and I’m praying that the storm damage is minimal and this rain goes somewhere far far away. But, in case it doesn’t, at least I have a non boot option for puddle jumping.


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