Sweater: c/o Aventura (use my ambassador code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your first purchase); Jeans: c/o Amelia James

Confession number one. I’m not a traveler. I’m not a social butterfly. I’m not a people person. Don’t get me wrong I like people and I like being friendly (translation: I don’t want to be a jerk though sometimes I succeed at it anyway- what can ya do). But, in real life, I can be hella awkward. As a result, I don’t always seek out adult interaction. But sometimes, when I’m one episode of Paw Patrol away from the looney bin, I think: “huh, getting out with other people my size might be fun.” And, then apparently, I book a trip to LA with six other fabulous blogger women. And, this is how the first night went.

Thursday, 9 AM: Wake up late with the kids, coffee with the husband. Preparations for departure commence (aka I did my hair and tried to make sure the dishes were in the dishwasher). Kiss the kids goodbye before the husband drops them at my parents. Oh my heart, I haven’t left the baby (now two) overnight, ever.

Noon: Lunch with my love. Get into an argument over something silly to mask the anxiety of being away from each other (minus one quick business trip) for the first time in our entire married life. Now, some of you may be thinking “co-dependant” right now but really, we just like each other and as a general rule, I don’t want to be parted from my people.

2 PM: Arrive at the airport and take obligatory instagram “leaving on a jet plane” photo. Kiss goodbye (we’re over the small tiff from earlier;). Glide through check in and security (really IAD- Dulles, Virginia was a BREEZE). Make a stop in the newstand for a trashy magazine but get In Style instead (I wanted to feel sophisticated but I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed US weekly more- I am confessing things here).

4:30 PM: Board plane with a group of gradeschoolers returning from a field trip to DC. Spend the rest of the flight considering the merits of moving somewhere without gradeschool tourist appeal and wishing I’d charged my cell phone before I left.

7 PM (West coast time): Finally arrive in LA…with a dead phone. Try not to get trampled by aforementioned gradeschoolers while frantically trying to find a place to charge my phone. Note to self: don’t ask people where the charging station is when you’re just looking for an outlet.

7:30 PM: “Jamie?!?!?” called across the airport and immediately enveloped in a hug by a tall leggy blonde named Kali (read her write up on the trip here). Wander outside to find our chauffeur for the weekend (for reals thank you so much girl), Mary, tall also leggy with beautiful loose waves (seriously these girls have hair goals). She’s so chic and cozy looking that I’m double guessing my jeans and a tank decision.

8 PM: Arrive at the cutest Air BNB after driving the streets of LA through the roads of the dons (for real Don Quiote, Don Juan, Don Miguel, I question the wisdom of naming every street Don but, hey, it’s not my hood). As we park, a pair of dazzling girls pop out of the front door. A ball of energy and enthusiasm named Carissa engulfs us all in hugs. Sparkplug red head Ana right behind with a glass ready for each of us- I don’t drink wine but I sure enjoyed watching everyone else. Have we known each other forever or have we just met? I guess it’s somewhere in the middle since we’ve been confiding our triumphs and struggles in each other for over two years now.

10 PM: Make a trip to Chick Fil A because where else would you eat after you fly 3,000 miles away from home? Plus, Carissa the Canadian hasn’t ever had it. Like, that’s unacceptable. I think she approved of the waffle fries. The car ride was a hilarity that can’t be expressed in words. And, I don’t think we doccumented the night in 5,000 selfies like we should have. What happened girls? I ended up with a raging headache and an “early” to bed (mind you it was 3 AM my time by then but when you’re a night owl, it doesn’t feel all that different from real life). Fall asleep with dreams of photo shoots and fun childless times (I still hadn’t hit that brick wall of homesickness) with six of my best instafriends.

And, this was just the beginning…more coming soon including shoes and dresses and pajamas- oh my!

I’ll leave you with my must haves for plane travel as a mom on her own:

  1. Comfy clothes. These jeans from Amelia James have the perfect amount of stretch for the um…cozy airplane accommodations.
  2. Layers. This Aventura sweater makes the perfect travel companion with the open front and optional button neckline.
  3. Slip on shoes. I got these Fryes for a steal from Zappos.
  4. Something to read. I grabbed a book I’d been meaning to read off my shelf on the way out. I can’t really recommend it but I’m glad I had it when my phone died mid flight.
  5. Something to listen to. The greatest showman and my favorite 90s alternative mixed in my playlist.
  6. Water. Staying hydrated is never a bad idea especially while traveling.
  7. Snacks. Being gluten-free you can never find me without a granola bar or two in my bag- just in case.

In writing this post, I realized we didn’t take one photo the night we arrived. How did that happen girls?! Don’t worry we made up for it!!


    1. Me too!!! Except to make it a little longer but closer to home so I could get sick of my kids and then go out again lol

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