Kids shoes: c/o Jambu (use code MOMMY18 for 15% off your entire order); Monkey and Tiger hats: Brazikat (follow her on Instagram for all the cuteness and order a hat or two to support a hustling mama!); PJs: Primary (not sponsored- I just like the wide range of colors they carry)

You know the saying “not my circus, not my monkeys?” What if it is your circus? That’s how I feel every day at our house. We’re full service three rings too and we even have the little ring master.

If I was more put together I would have had this post all ready for you way before Halloween but since I’m not (at least not this year), better late than never? This may not help you out this Halloween, but I thought I’d give you a quick run down on how I make sure we use our costumes all year long.

  1. Start with solid colored essentials. I like Primary’s PJs and they hold up really well. Last year’s selection is still going strong. However you can find solid colored leggings and shirts most anywhere (target, Walmart, Carter’s) you just might not get the wide range of color options.

  2. Add a hat. For most costumes a winter hat is the perfect reusable accessory. I mean I’m most cases a hat plus a solid color = costume done. For real, it’s that simple and they can wear the hat all winter long. Double duty.

  3. Shop in your own house for any other essentials. This year, we found my tightrope walker’s tutu and umbrella in our own closets. No need to buy anything new.

  4. Be unique. Store bought costumes are easy and can do in a pinch but thinking outside the box can make Halloween a fun family affair.

Fuzzy Jacket: c/o Aventura Clothing (I’m an ambassador- use my code MOMMYINFLATS for 20% off your first order); Boots: c/o Bearpaw (I’m an ambassador, use code BPAMBJF for 20% off the entire site)

Men’s boots: c/o Roan Footwear (my husband is obsessed with these boots- he wears them everywhere. He’s not an ambassador but I’m pretty sure he wishes that were an option)

By the way, I’m a bear not a grey lion (or as my 2 year old called me, a bunny). A circus bear. It really does go with the theme. I don’t like buying costumes for the adults so I looked in my closet and pulled out two of my favorite brands: Aventura and Bearpaw to finish off my furry bear costume. It’s not perfect but my kids approved and that’s all I care about!

Store bought or Etsy sourced, enjoy dressing up with your kids and may your trick or treat buckets (in my day we used pillow cases) be ever full!


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