Shirt Jac: c/o Aventura Clothing (use my ambassador code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your first order); Jeans: c/o Amelia James (these jeans are literally the best denim I own- find yourself an AJ rep today!); Oxfords: c/o Eastland Shoes

I’m not sure a bookstore really qualifies as an ugly location. I mean books. But, the lighting is certainly not flattering and the quarters can be rather confining. So, I’m going to call our Books a Million shoot one for the books- kidding- I would never make a pun like that (looking around innocently). For real, there is something cozy and happy making about bookstores. I could have lived in the library as a kid. Now, I’m old and I swear my allergies hate dust mites that live in them more every year. Plus, libraries don’t sell coffee (though they did sometimes in college). I digress.

The thing I like about book spaces as an adult is it’s a built in babysitter for the kiddos. Give them a book, sit them down and enjoy the silence. Okay, I may be overstating the calm but still, there’s coffee.

I’m going to go more into how to shoot an ugly location later this season (we did several shoots at Lowe’s- get ready). But, for now, I’m just going to talk fashion. First, I know, my little already told me to put on a shirt but ya know, I’m working for that back. 100 push-ups may not be in the cards (see, I could have said books right there, I’m improving) like I had planned. A pinched nerve says no thanks- but still, I’m proud of the 30+ I can crank out for now. Mostly, I’m going to wear that shirt to bed- it’s too cold for bare backs anyway. But, those jeans from Amelia James give me some serious chills or maybe warm fuzzies are a more correct description. They hug all the right places, wash beautifully, and don’t lose their shape. I may have found my denim crush.

Speaking of classics, Eastland Shoes sent me these oxfords and took me back to my teen days. Though, back then I didn’t strut down the aisles with as much style…or as many kids. Eastland is perfect for keeping me on my toes as a mom and as a fashion blogger. If I was just a little more daring, I would have tried these saddle shoes. Maybe, next time.

Where’s your happy place? Until next time, I’ll be over here browsing the Sci Fy and drinking in the calm.


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