This post was sponsored by Aventura Clothing (use my code Mommyinflats20 for 20% off) but all opinions are my own. Thank you SAS Shoes for shoes from day two. And, as always, I’m living life comfortably as a Bearpaw Ambassador (use code BPAMBJF for 20% off).

One of these days I’ll do a 5×5 of just dresses. But, isn’t that just wearing different clothes every day? Ha. This time I did three dresses and two jackets which gave me a little to work with but not too much. I didn’t take into account the freezing weather when I chose my footwear though and one day I said to heck with it and put on tights because I just couldn’t take it anymore! Confession time, one day I left the house intending to wear my outfit, only to return home for something a little warmer. But, at least I took the pictures first- that’s the important thing right?

How was this 5×5 different? Well there are a few ways I switched this one up. First of all, I included outerwear in my five pieces. Second, I pulled all five pieces from the Aventura Clothing Spring line (use code mommyinflats20 for 20% off your first purchase!). Normally, I pull old and new pieces to give myself the challenge of using the closet I already have. Then again, I do that on a day to day basis so it felt fresh to use some new pieces. All of these pieces have now seen some wear (and the Topanga dress will be coming at you next month – which starts next week!- in a blog hop).

Lastly, I decided to do five different shoes and choose them all ahead of time. What I did not realize, is I would be almost using five different bags too. It’s a hard life having so many pretty bags to choose from. Not. If you haven’t already head over and read all about my baby bag that doesn’t look like a baby bag care of Baby Joey and get 20% off during their presale kickstarter event! Okay, enough talk, let’s take a look at what we’re working with!

The FIVE Pieces:

  1. Amaris Dress in Navy

  2. Kaiya Dress in Olive

  3. Topanga Dress in Black

  4. Tara Jacket in Dark Khaki

  5. Verona Jacket in Black

The Shoes:

  1. Riekers, similar (black)

  2. Bearpaw (linen moccasins)

  3. Bearpaw (black perforated wedges)

  4. SAS Shoes (nude) – gifted

  5. Born (sneakers, similar)

The Results:

This was a pretty successful 5×5 other than the cold (I took one day off in the middle which I don’t normally do but I had nowhere to go and I think I was painting?). I didn’t need to wash anything during the 5×5 because it was cold and I didn’t wear anything that long. I generally wear undershirts/shorts with my dresses so they’re kept pretty clean as long as sticky fingers stay away from them! Plus, these dresses are thick and durable fabric which I find to hold up better to wear than some of their lighter cotton counterparts. And, then there’s the fact that two of my pieces are jackets- how often do you even wash your coat? Unless obvious, I’ll admit, I pretty much don’t.

When I started blogging, my original goal was to try to pin down a minimalist closet. I’ve now come to learn that is likely never going to happen though I am much more careful about my purchases these days. That said, my Aventura pieces fit into that goal since they’re high quality comfortable pieces that will live year after year. My new goal for my closet is to love what I bring into it (and if I don’t, out it goes!). With Aventura to help, at least I am that much closer to a wardrobe I love.


  1. I love this 5×5, you rocked all your looks! I love that it’s nice enough to wear dresses now without freezing, even if we still need to add tights/leggings. <3 Nicole

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