Jacket: c/o Aventura Clothing (use code mommyinflats20 for 20% off your first order); Skirt: c/o Amelia James; Sandals: c/o Comfortiva

You can when you’re the boss and your main duties include changing diapers and chasing little humans around the backyard. Okay, so I’m really curious- are open toed sandals considered appropriate for the office? Either way, I’m loving that it’s finally pedicure weather again.

Let’s be real for a second. There are times when I long for an office job that includes, well, an office. Every day is not play dates and Days of Our Beautiful Lives– heck, I’m lucky if I get to wash my hair and enjoy coffee with my husband. But, it really is a blessing to stay home even if some days are an exercise in patience.

If I were going into work, I think I would have the most fun planning my outfits. Head to toe, these pieces are all super versatile and can be worn dressed up or down. I’ve loved this flowy tank over and over again and if you missed my last 5×5, head on over to check out my jacket from Aventura (sustainable, fair trade, organic clothing- use code MommyinFlats20 for 20% off your first order). This is the first time I’ve worn the pencil skirt from Amelia James (have you heard of them??? It’s a newer brand that carries oh so soft clothing in oh so pretty styles, colors, and patterns, it’s like yoga pants all day every day without the yoga or the pants;), but I am itching to pair it with a graphic tee and my favorite sneaks.

What really ties it all together (pun totally intended), are those lace up sandals from Comfortiva. They definitely live up to their name with those oh so soft and supportive soles. The laced up look is really hot this year and I love the small heel. I actually prefer a little chunky heel to flats most days (shhh don’t tell my former self or I may have to rename the blog- how about MommyinTwoInchesorFewer??). The best part of the lace up is that it eliminates the need for wide versus medium or narrow as you can just adjust the laces to fit your foot. The zipper detail is the icing on the cake since it means you don’t have to tie them every time. Sometimes, I wear the laces out and others tucked in. You all know how I love a versatile piece.

Tank: The Gleam Boutique (on Instagram); Shorts: old, my pick (use code MommyinFlats20 for 20% off your order at Warp+Weft); Sandals: c/o Comfortiva

Speaking of versatility, here I am sporting the sandals in my everyday. Oh it’s a glamorous life watering the trees and the children.

So, I’m putting my best foot forward and tackling this week head on. I may not get a paycheck but I have a serious job to do and I wouldn’t trade it for all the bonuses or paid vacations in the world. Okay, okay, maybe for a week or two in the tropics. Then, again with my luck it would be Jamaica in the rain all over again (I need a honeymoon redo). At least, I’m getting paid in kisses, much better than cash any day.


  1. Super cute sandles Jamie! I love that you dressed them both up with that fantastic pencil skirt, and down when in the backyard with the kids. Side note: when I did work at an office we were allowed open toe shoes from Memorial Day to Labor Day đŸ™‚ <3 Nicole

  2. I am sorry you have been going through a difficult time! Getting paid in kisses is definitely the best and I would’t trade it for the office either! I have worked in two different offices in the past though, one we were allowed open toe shoes and one we could only wear them with nylons. Lets just say slip-ons and nylons don’t go well together! These sandles are super cute and I would wear them to an office job!

    1. Lmao open toes and nylons ? I guess a peep toe with a vintage flare would be okay but pretty sure that’s a no on sandals!

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