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A baby bag to be exact. I recently wrote a little about how Mommy in Flats started with my aspiration to wear shoes other than flip flops (and I’m happy to say that goal can be checked off the bucket list- it’s been so long since I retired my trusty old flops that I’m not even quite sure where they are). However, that’s not really the whole story. If we go back to the very beginning, it all started with the quest for a non-diaper looking baby bag, a date day, and a few pictures. I am happy to say, I did find a fab bag for baby Hey J but I didn’t carry it long because it was just too big and bulky and I got in the habit of throwing a few diapers in the car and calling it good.

What do you really need when carting around a baby? Diapers, wipes, bottles if formula feeding, and a nice burp cloth. That’s it. No, really. I sometimes throw in an outfit but I usually found it sat in the bottom of the bag unused and by the time I needed it, it was outgrown. So what do we need as moms? Function, style, and POCKETS. No, really, we need lots of pockets. That’s where I’ll start with the Baby Joey bag (kickstarter starts today! Head on over to be one of the first to get this compact luxury baby bag).

It has all the functional pockets beginning with the outside flap hiding an according for wipes, diapers, and your changing mat. The inside has a bottle pocket and plenty of room for your wallet and another place to stash your keys, lip balm, and monthly necessities. Though it’s mid (read perfect) sized in the world of baby bags, it packs a big punch when it comes to organization. My absolute favorite thing is that it comes with a zipper storage area underneath the bag. The zipper is flapped so if you zip to the side it’s completely, beautifully hidden. Remember that extra outfit I was talking about? Stow that here. It can literally be at the bottom of your bag without being smooshed up and forgotten there.

If size is an issue for you, think of this as a luxury sedan of baby bags. It packs quite the punch in a slightly oversized version of woman’s purse. That’s right, I said purse because it doesn’t look like a baby bag. That was my goal when I was looking for mine. I didn’t want just a tote or purse without the organizational purpose of a baby bag. But, I also didn’t want a pastel bag that screamed “I just had a baby and my bag matches his gender!!” Is the bag meant for the baby? Really, we should be calling them mom bags because no. The bag is to hold baby crap for sure but it’s meant for the mom and should match her style not look like a left over baby shower decoration.

Sometimes, being a mom means giving up a little of your identity. There is so much sacrifice in motherhood. You give of your time, your sleep, even your body to those little sweet things you call dear ones. After all that, is it too much to ask that you can keep a little style? I don’t think so, and neither does Baby Joey.

Mompreneur Spotlight: Creator of Baby Joey, Candice is a busy mom of two. She was tired of struggling with carting around babies and bulky diaper bags which prompted her to design the Baby Joey bag. It’s all the beauty of a designer bag with functionality for baby. Save 20% with the early bird kickstarter special. 


  1. I totally thought it was a purse! A great looking baby bag is even better though! 🙂

  2. This bag is beautiful and so functional! You would cringe if you saw what I am currently using. For real. I was so sad when my last baby bag had to be retired and was too quick to make a purchase. <3 Nicole

    1. I’ve done that with things many a time! Sometimes that works though- not enough time to overthink it. Other times it doesn’t!

  3. I love that we got to learn more about your humble beginnings! And look how far you’ve come ♡. And I couldn’t agree more – asking for style sure isn’t too much.
    On a side note – you daughter is the perfect mini you! What a gorgeous family ^^.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this bag! I searched forever when I was pregnant for a cute non-baby looking diaper bag and it was hard to find one that was functional. I love all the compartments to this and it is totally made for a mom, but you would NEVER know by looking at it!



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