I met Kaitlyn several months ago on Instagram. I found her story on her blog and immediately knew that I admired her bravery in sharing her story. I wanted to do that. I wanted to share my experience in the hopes that other women would benefit from hearing the path I went down on my own journey postpartum. We quickly decided that we should collaborate to create a series featuring our faces. To show the world that Motherhood has many faces, and so do Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. Please visit Kaitlyn’s site at www.mypostpartumlife.com to hear more about her struggle. 

From the author: I started my blog centered on postpartum depression at the end of 2016 with my story as the first post. I am sharing it again here for the month of May as it is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. Please share this with anyone who needs to hear it because no one deserves to feel alone.


“In March of 2015, my husband and I decided that we wanted to start trying to get pregnant. For so many reasons I was scared. The number one being that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be a mom yet. I knew I always wanted to be a mom, but wasn’t quite sure it was time for me. After doing a lot of praying, I knew it was right for us to start a family at that time.

In June we found out I was pregnant and I was SO excited when I saw those 2 pink lines.”

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