I’ve already talked (ad nauseum maybe) about how much I like this Pink Blush dress so I’ll just point you back to part 1 and move on my merry way. This was day two of the dress (yes, I wore the same dress three days in a row! It happens and if you’re a busy mom you might want to try this as it helps you realize how versatile your wardrobe can be with a couple neutral staples). I wanted to do a night on the town type of look, something more elegant than day one. 

It seemed like a challenge because at first glance, I judged this dress- there I admit it. I said jersey plus cold shoulders plus cute lace equals country. That’s why my first thought was to put it on a sweet country field (which would have happened if not for the rain- what can ya do? A sweet southern porch worked out just as well). However, as I put on my statement earrings and simple necklaces (I’m loving the double strand look), I realized this dress looked just as at home on a “city” (full disclosure it’s still out in the boondocks) street as it did out in the rain. 

City Elegant

Styling tips: When you have a neutral base, you can transform it to anything you want. Choose a color pallet and go with it. Here, I chose gold, black, and sparkly to go with the pale blush dress. I also added a hint of vintage with my ring and maybe with the shoes- they’re a bit Marilyn Monroe-esque even though I bought them on Zappos. The main thing to remember when choosing your colors and style, is to go with how you feel. This dress could easily have been complimented by silver accents or glittery earrings instead of the gold but I was feeling the warm yellow this weekend (may have been inspired by my early Mother’s Day gift of the bar necklace). I went with it and as a result I felt good in this outfit and when you feel good, it shows.

When you go basic, there are so many shoe options. My black booties would have looked even a little more sleek here or I could have paired it with a cute pair of clogs or my Mary Jane sandals. Heck, this dress could be comfortable on the beach with a pair of leather flip flops. When you start with a neutral base, the possibilities are endless. 

So what do you think: city slicker or country cowgirl? Check in tomorrow for a third look that may sway you one way or the other. 

Dress: Pink Blush

Shoes: Dansko

Bag: second hand find, similar

Earrings: second hand find, similar

Necklaces: Long: Michael Kors, similar

                     Short: Overstock, similar for less 

Cuff bracelet: vintage, similar

***I received this dress as a part of Pink Blush’s ambassador program but all reviews and opinions are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. To keep the integrity and authenticity of my blog, I do not accept money in exchange for reviews.***